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Milestar is a popular tire brand in the online market space and is a preferred brand for buyers looking out for low-priced tires. 

Owned by a small American brand called Tireco that actively began its operations in 1972, it bears the responsibility of branding and distributing Milestar tires.

However, Milestar tires are manufactured in Taiwan by the Taiwanese Rubber and Tire Corporation. 

Milestar Tires Overview 

Milestar tires are a sub-brand of a company called Nankang Tires that is headquartered in the Taipei region of Taiwan. The brand has been in the tire manufacturing industry since 1959 and it roughly employs around 1200 employees today.

Annual revenues if the company hover around the $300 million marks.

It has two facilities in Taiwan- one in Nankang city and the other in Hsinfung. A third unit was made in 2003 in mainland China in Jiangsu.

Apart from SUVs, heavy trucks, light trucks, ultra-high-performance tires, passenger car tires, and tires for commercial vehicles, Milestar also manufactures and distributes tires for Utility Terrain Vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicles. 

In the United States of America, TIRECO also handles Nankang’s other tire brands like Geostar, Westlake, and Provato. Though Milestar brand is not an original equipment manufacturer as it aims to provide tires for the replacement tire industry.

Are Milestar Tires good? 

Milestar is a budget-friendly tire brand that offers a wide variety of tires to its consumers. Its low price policy allows it to cater to drivers on a tight budget.

Its entire product line-up, including the brand’s high-performance and ultra-high-performance tires, provides high value for the price they are offered since Milestar tires are priced lower than its competing products.

The tires are cheaper by almost $50 so an entire set could help save a lot of money. For such a low price, the tires have a lot to offer in terms of grip, performance, handling, and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the features offered at a low price, many Milestar users have been extremely happy with their investment decision.

Why wouldn’t they be? After all, with so many benefits, they also get a 40,000 miles tread warranty.

Speaking of handling, the tires do a pretty decent job compared to a few other slightly pricier options. Thanks to its tread design and improved traction in the wet, it offers better control of the vehicle.

In terms of durability too, Milestar tires showcase smart design features like step-down grooves that assist the tires in remaining rigid when they impact tough surfaces.

Not only this, the tread compound of the tires is infused with silica gel that not only increases the tread life but also prevents cut and chip damages

Milestar Popular Tire Models 

1. Milestar MS70 Tire 

Milestar MS70 Radial Tire
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The MS70 is an ideal daily commute tire that fits sedans, coupes, and minivans.

Available in sizes between 13 inches and 15 inches, the tire is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Thanks to its all-season tread compound and symmetric tread pattern, the tire does a great job in all road conditions.

2. Milestar Steelpro MS597S

Milestar STEELPRO MS597S All-Season Radial Tire
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The Steelpro MS597S is built for commercial duties. This tire is compatible with commercial and sprinter vans and offers aggressive rib and tread patterns designed to provide traction while being able to carry the extra load.

The tire is offered with a 40,000-mile tread warranty. 

3. Milestar MS932 Sport Tire 

Milestar MS932 Sport All Season Radial Tire
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The Milestar Sport Tire is an all-season sport tire designed to offer exceptional handling, traction, cornering grip, and comfort under all weather conditions. This fits high-performance tires, coupes, sedans, SUVs, and crossovers. 

4. Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain 

Milestar Patagonia M/T
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The Patagonia Mud Terrain Tire from Milestar is built to take up all the dirty and heavy duties in mud.

This is a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts and owners of SUVs and CUVs who are often found driving in muddy conditions. 

5. Milestar MS775 All-Season 

Milestar MS775 All-Season Radial Tire
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This tire is ideal for anyone looking out to extract maximum comfort out of their cars. As a result, the all season tire is best compatible with luxury cars, sedans, lowriders, classics, and custom coupes.

The tires perform excellently in all weather and provide a decent amount of comfort. 

6. Milestar MS932 XP+ 

Milestar MS932 XP+
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This version of the XP with a + sign is the upgraded version of Milestar’s ultra-high-performance tire model built to grip and sustain high speeds.

The tire is designed for high-speed stability, wet/ dry weather traction and performs well under high-speed cornering. 

Milestar Tires Design Features and Benefits

1. Quality 

While we know that Milestar is a Chinese brand, it would be wise to look into points that prove that the tires are of good quality.

Milestar has been selling a good number of tires in the online market space and most importantly, it has been gathering impressive reviews.

The brand invests a lot of time and resources in testing and developing the tires to ensure that the tires match or outperform their benchmark expectations. That says a lot about Milestar’s quality-oriented approach to its customers.

2. Handling  

Milestar tires provide great handling characteristics to their tires to provide the drivers with optimum control. The tread is designed to increase road grip and traction, even in wet weather conditions. 

Siping is integrated into the tire tread to prevent hydroplaning effects and to improve braking performance, especially on wet roads. 

3. Durability

A tire should be designed in a way that minimizes wear and tear and Milestar has done just that! Its smart design features and step-down grooves ensure the tire remains firm and rigid when impacting tough surfaces. 

Despite the low price, the tread is infused with Silica gel that increases tread life and reduces chip damages. Milestar tires are indeed tough tires to take upon heavy duties thrown at them. 

4. Wet Traction 

Wet traction is something that saves a car and the driver from damages, no matter what safety tech a vehicle comes with. Milestar tires offer a decent amount of wet traction on most of its tires, especially on its ultra-high-performance tires. 

The amount of wet traction on Milestar tires is commendable considering the price they are offered at but, if one is a keen spirited driver with a flexible budget then there are other tires to consider for wet traction. 

5. Expected Treadwear and warranty

Despite the low prices, Milestar tires come with impressive warranty periods for its tires. Most tires models it offers come with a 40,000- mile treadwear warranty which is great for the price point.

This would instill confidence in new buyers. 

However, there are complaints from users about the tires not lasting more than 25,000 miles, a point that is worth researching. 

6. Pricing

Milestar tires are priced in a very competitive manner. If one looked closely at the prices of tires made by other brands in the market, it wouldn’t be difficult to notice that Milestar tires are one of the cheapest. Especially when it comes to large tire sizes that are available for dirt cheap prices. 

In some cases, the pricing is two to three times lesser when compared to tires of premium brands in the market. 

7. Road Noise

The road noise in the case of Milestar Tire is average. One may find the road noise to increase as the speed climbs. But, the road noise is considerably lower if one takes into account the price the tires are being sold at. 

If one is looking for absolutely silent tires, we do suggest looking at other tires that are more expensive than Milestar tires. 

Milestar Customer Reviews

Positive Experience

Yashar M. Aval on Amazon says: “If you want good traction wet and dry, this is the tire you want. Does not last as long as, say Goodyear tires, but costs less than half as much, and in my opinion gives better traction than Goodyear comfortred. It’s not uncomfortable but can’t beat Goodyear in comfort. No complaints about noise. I don’t know why some people complain about the noise. I think as long as they wear evenly and get rotated, they are good.”

Negative Experience 

Hawthorn on Amazon says: “These are the worst possible tires and are very dangerous, they will not get the purported mileage that is advertised.”

How long do Milestar Tires last? 

From what we’ve said until now and from the reviews of many customers online, one can say that the tires last their claimed mark of 40,000 miles provided they are used judiciously.

In other words, the real-life of these tires depends on the vehicle weight, driving style, the terrain they are mostly driven on, and many other environmental factors. 

Though the tires last less than tires that belong to many other brands, they do offer a reasonable bang for the buck. 

Are Milestar tires noisy?  

In our opinion, Milestar tires aren’t that noisy for the price they’re sold at. But, if one excludes the price factor and compares Milestar tires to tires of other premium brands, the difference in tire noise becomes evident, especially at high speeds.

Expensive tires tend to produce less tire noise. 

Final thoughts 

Considering all the points and the variety of tire models sold by Milestar tires, we’re happy to be seeing tires in the market that are super cheap and provide important features to buyers on a low budget.

Milestar tires offer a great alternative to drivers who don’t have enough reach in terms of affordability. 

The tires offer more quality, durability, traction, wet weather performance, tread warranty if one considers the price to features ratio.

Brands like Milestar are an important addition to the tire market that the masses can truly rely on. The tires do the job and they do it well.

Notable Milestar Tires


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