Carlisle Tire Review – Travel Trailers, Utility Truck & More

Have you always wondered if trailers, tractors, lawnmowers, or any farm machinery use the same tires manufacturers as passenger cars and SUVs?

Of course, a majority of them produce car tires; however, leaving it to a particular brand that specializes solely in the production of this type of tires has its advantages.

In this guide, you are about to discover who and what the Carlisle trailer tire is.

Overview of Carlisle Trailer Tires

Carlisle is one of the largest manufacturers of the best trailer tires and wheels for tractors, caterpillars, and several farm and garden equipment. 

This tire company established in 1917 by Charles S. Moomy has gained massive recognition all around North America and beyond because of its incredible superb-quality tires. Its best-seller yet is the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire.

Carlisle has two huge manufacturing plants in Tennessee, and another in China. The plant in China is exclusively dedicated to the production of the trail line of tires.

In essence, this Tennessee-based manufacturer has a long list of products available, which is currently sold by The Carlstar Group. All of these brand’s tires are also available at affordable prices.

Things to consider before buying Carlisle Trailer Tire

There are a couple of things you need to look out for before buying this company’s trailer tire. They include.


The best trailer tires you’d ever get are right there at Carlisle – whether for short or long-distance hauls.

However, you need to figure out the application before choosing any of those available on the market.

By application, it means the reason why you want to use the tire/the type of vehicle.

It could either be for utility, boating, or recreational vehicle application.


Another thing you need to consider is the price. How much are you willing to put down for the price of a trailer tire?

Definitely, you’ll find some models within budget.

Carlisle Trailer Tires’ Most Popular Models

Over 100 years ago, Carlisle designed its first trailer tire that suited various heavy-duty purposes. Today, some of the brand’s best trailer tires are the following.

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

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Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire is the most popular model in the brand’s collection. 

It is a radial trailer tire designed suitable for boats, toy trailers, livestock and utility vehicles.

It is one of the best radial tires great for both short and long hauls with excellent durability.


  • A Load Range C radial tire with good carrying capacity
  • All HD trailer tires are rated with excellent speed
  • Heat resistant with flexible sidewall
  • Innovative tread pattern design and interconnected tread blocks

Carlisle Sport Trail

Carlisle Sport Trail Trailer Tire

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The Carlisle Sport Trail, also called Special Trailer Tires (St radial trailer tire), is also an impressive choice for heavy operations. 

It is the tire best for handling boat, cargo, or livestock dragging due to its bias-ply construction.

It is only suitable for short hauls.


  • Comes with radius grooves against cracking
  • The ideal boat trailer tire
  • Great towing stability with shock absorption
  • Advanced tread compound for good strength and enhanced durability

Carlisle Sure Trail Trailer Tire

Carlisle Sure Trail ST Trailer Tire

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While there is the St radial trailer tire, there is also the Light Truck (LT) type, which is the Carlisle Sure Trail Trailer Tire.

It is also one of the best radial trailer tires with bias-ply construction, making it perfect for different types of trailers.


  • The tire has a good load rating
  • It is a radial tire with reduced rolling resistance for fuel economy
  • A perfect tire for marine applications

Carlisle Ground Force

Carlisle Ground Force

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For ground support, the Carlisle Ground Force Tire is such an interesting choice.

This trailer tire has an ultra rib cage, making it ideal for heavy-duty industrial operations. 

It is also perfect for material handling, and forklifting.


  • One of the best carlisle tires with deep tread depth for enhanced traction
  • Top-notch reduced rolling resistance
  • A load range C tire with guard protection
  • Advanced tread compound for durability

Carlisle USA Trail

Carlisle USA Trail Trailer Tire

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The fanciest radial trailer tire from the brand is the USA Trail.

It is a perfect choice for utility carts, golf carts, and some varieties of trailers.

It is remarkably known for its streamlined design and incredible tread life


  • Reduced slippage using tight tread grooves
  • Incorporated sipes for enhanced traction
  • Bias-ply construction for strength

Design, Features & Benefits

Here is what you get for using this trailer tire brand over competitions like Trailer King.


The tires from this company are outstanding because they are high quality with various applications. You will definitely find a radial or truck tire worth the money from this brand’s collection.

A good purchase is the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire.


When it comes to handling, Carlisle trailer tires are incredible. They are enhanced with a unique tread pattern, making them easy to control regardless of the weather.

Besides, these manufacturer’s sets of tires have treads with shoulder design for reduced rolling resistance and shock absorption, so that it is much possible to drive without limitations.


Another advantage of the set of tires from this brand over other rivals is that the trailer tires last.

The durability is top-notch, all thanks to an advanced tread compound (bias-ply and double steel construction), and built-in technology to ensure longevity.

There is also nylon overlay construction in some of the tires to prevent tread separation (the two steel belts) and for further strength enhancement.

Load Capacity

With the incredible tread compound comes a higher load-carrying capacity of the tires from this brand.

Whether you are towing a light truck, boat, utility car, or anything heavy, Carlisle tires have good load capacity, making them highly efficient.

The maximum weight or load capacity is 2000 lbs.

Fuel Efficiency

Having a Carlisle tire means investing much in fuel economy.

These tires use high-tensile steel belts which automatically reduce rolling resistance and ultimately increases fuel efficiency.


Our Final Thoughts on Carlisle Tires

Whether you need Special Trailer Tires (ST Radial Trailer Tire) or Light Truck Tires (LT Radial Trailer Tire), Carlisle is always a go-to choice from the long list of tire brands on the market.

With popular selections like the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire, you are assured of great speed, high performance, reduced rolling resistance, and impressive load rating.

All you’ve got to do is check the Carlisle Tire catalog and pick the type suitable for your trailers.


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