Landsail Tire Review – These High-performance Tires Any Good?

It is a consensus in the market that Chinese tires are a cheaper alternative to regular brands but are of subpar quality and do not perform well. However, there are a few notable exceptions that deliver excellent performance and that too at a giveaway price. Landsail tires are one of those exceptions.

This article has the complete Landsail tire review and informs you about all aspects of quality, performance, and durability.

Overview of Landsail Tires

Landsail tires are a subsidiary of the famous Chinese brand Sentury Tires. The manufacturer operates from multiple locations in China and currently exports to more than 100 countries.

These tires have a reputation in the market for performing excellently in most conditions and being a perfect choice for regular users looking for a budget option.

The company started its production operations in 2009 and built a regular customer base because of its excellent price without any compromise on quality and performance.

The brand creates a range of tires for all passenger vehicles. You can find options for sedans, minivans, crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks.

What makes Landsail Tires Good?

Landsail sets itself apart from other options in the market with its excellent features and performance. These tires are a popular choice in the market and many experts recommend them for people looking for a regular option with little or no drawbacks.

Since it’s a budget alternative, it’ll obviously come without advanced features. However, you’ll find that these tires have everything a basic user would ever need.

Some of the features that set Landsail tires apart are:

Unbelievable Prices

Just like all Chinese brands, Landsail tires come at an unbelievable price. They are a perfect budget option as you can easily replace them without breaking a bank.

Premium tire options are sometimes double the price of Landsail and even more. If price is your only concern, then it doesn’t get better than Landsail.

Excellent Quality

Another excellent quality that sets Landsail apart is the quality of its product. Despite being extremely cost-effective, the manufacturers do not compromise on the quality and deliver excellent products that work perfectly for a long time.

Choice for Every Car Type

Landsail tires cover all types of passenger vehicles. Starting from hatchbacks and sedans to light trucks, you’ll find a tire for almost any passenger vehicle you see on the road. In addition to that, Landsail also gives you the option to go for specialized tires for winters and mountainous terrain.

Comfortable Drive and Fuel Efficiency

Landsail tires deliver a technically sound design as well. You’ll find the design to be able to effectively reduce rolling resistance and improve your car’s efficiency.

These tires generally perform exceptionally well on paved roads and offer excellent comfort during the ride.

An Active Customer Care System

Perhaps the best feature that truly sets Landsail apart is its active customer care system. Budget options usually perform poorly in this domain and are harder to get hold of after the sale.

Landsail offers a treadwear warranty just like premium brands and lives up to its aim of providing exceptional quality at the lowest price.  

Landsail, however, operates a large sales network and has a history of supporting its customer in case of an issue. That’s probably one of the main reasons why this company grew at an exceptional pace since its start in 2009.

Notable Landsail Tire Options

As discussed before, Landsail covers almost all types of passenger vehicles and has multiple tire options for you to choose from. The most popular tire types are the following three. Each one of them is of all-weather type and available for a range of wheel diameters.

Let’s take a look at the most popular tire options by Landsail.

Landsail LS588

LANDSAIL LS588 SUV All-Season Radial Tire
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The first category is the LS588. These are performance tires that come with superior handling experience and features that ensure a comfortable ride.

The tire treads come with specialized grooves that improve traction and make cornering easier for you.

Moreover, LS588 tires come with Landsail’s unique silica compound that delivers reliable performance on wet surfaces and reduces rolling resistance for a better fuel average.

LS588 tires are available for all-wheel diameters starting from 16” to 26”. There are several tire options in each category for performance vehicles, SUVs, and crossovers.  

Landsail LS388

Landsail LS388 All Season Radial Tire
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The LS388 tires by Landsail focus more on providing a well-rounded performance to its users. You’ll get a comfortable and quiet ride with decent handling and long-lasting performance.

The tires under this category are made for Touring applications and perform well on paved roads. The tires also feature multiple other characteristics to improve fuel efficiency and your overall experience.

Landsail LS388 tires start from the wheel diameter of 13” and are available for sizes up to 19”, making them a suitable choice for hatchbacks, sedans, and a few crossovers.

All of these tires have a 50K mileage warranty from the manufacturers and come with Landsail’s unique Road Hazard coverage.   

Landsail CLV2

Landsail CLV2 All Season Radial Tire
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The final Landsail tire category that is quite popular in the market is the CLV2. These tires are specially designed for SUVs/CUVs and deliver a balanced performance in both dry and wet conditions.

The tires come with a stable center rib that’s designed to increase stability and improve the tire’s high-speed performance.

For any tire’s safety rating, its grip on the road and braking performance are of paramount importance. All CLV2 tires come with specialized grooves to improve braking even on wet concrete and ice.

Like other Landsail tire categories, the CLV2 tires also come with a 50K mileage warranty and the manufacturer’s road hazard coverage.

Now you can select these tires with confidence and start experiencing a superior performance at the most reasonable cost.

Customers Reviews

Websites like Mavis and Amazon had customers speaking highly of the brand’s tires, Landsail LS588. The tires dry traction and great steering responsiveness received high praise. Many felt that the tire was very budget-friendly and has performed well in snowy and raining conditions.

Certain criteria like ride comfort and noise level were also given high marks by many of the customers who gave out reviews.

Landsail Tire Review: Final Thoughts

Landsail tires are among the most natural choices for people looking for a quality option with little to no drawbacks for a basic user.

These tires are designed to counter the myth of subpar Chinese tires, so the manufacturer goes the extra mile to attract its buyers.

Only a few budget brands can compete with Landsail’s overall quality and its exemplary after-sales services.

With an extended mileage warranty and numerous choices to select from, you can’t go wrong with this budget-friendly option.  


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