Laufenn Tire Review: A Budget-Friendly Option by Hankook

Only a few options can claim to compete with Laufenn Tires when it comes to delivering excellent performance at a bargain. Primarily, Laufenn is a subsidiary of Hankook tires and was introduced to compete with cheap Chinese alternatives flooded in the market.

We present the Laufenn Tire Review to give you a clear picture of this brand’s performance, its strengths, weaknesses, and the general perception of the market.

Overview of Laufenn Tires

Laufenn is a comparatively young brand that was launched in 2014 by Hankook tires, a popular player in the market. The main reason behind launching this brand was to penetrate the market for budget-friendly tires and increase the overall portfolio of Hankook in the market.

Historically, the market for budget tires has been dominated by Chinese players that generally offer unrealistically low prices.

However, those tires come with a catch. Most of them are of subpar quality and don’t have the backing of any well-known brand.

The biggest appeal of Laufenn is that it is backed by Hankook, who publicly acknowledge the brand and work continuously on improving it.

Being a budget-friendly option, you’ll obviously find Laufenn inadequate when comparing it with big names. However, when it comes to the actual value for money, only a few options can hold a candle to this brand.

Today, Laufenn operates from Indonesia and has numerous quality certifications from internationally recognized regulatory bodies for tires. However, the brand focuses solely on a few types of cars.

So, you won’t find ultra-high-performance, sports, or other specialized variants. Rest assured, whatever Laufenn does offer is of excellent quality and can completely satisfy a regular user.

The Target Market

As stated above, Laufenn’s target was to penetrate the market for low-budget tires that lacked any high-quality options. Hankook wanted to change that situation and launched this brand that caters to regular users who need a quality choice for overall daily tasks.

Most Laufenn tires work great in both summer and winter. They are specially designed for urban and semi-urban environments with light off-roading capability. The ideal customer for Laufenn are people who need good quality tires for their daily commute with little to no off-roading.

If you simply move around on the paved road, you’ll be able to use these tires for a very long time without any drop in performance.

On the other hand, Laufenn has many qualities that make them unsuitable for many groups. People who like to drift or perform similar stunts with their car will feel unhappy with this tire.

Similarly, truck owners and people who regularly go on off-roading trips also avoid using this brand even if it doesn’t cost a lot.

How Do Laufenn Tires Stand Out in the Market?

Many qualities make Laufenn tires an excellent choice for any regular user. Most of their tires are all-weather and come with basic specifications necessary for a balanced overall experience.

Some of the qualities that make Laufenn tires stand out from its competitors in the market are:

High Quality at an Affordable Rate: As stated before, most budget picks heavily compromise on the overall quality of the tire. Laufenn, however, comes with the quality standards of Hankook and delivers excellent performance at the same rate.

Superior Durability: Tires undergo a lot of damage due to debris and impact with other elements on the road. Even if you are not off-roading, you’ll find that many elements can potentially damage your tires.

Whatever choice you make must come with appropriate impact resistance to withstand such damage without losing its performance. Laufenn does that. Its tires come with a solid design and have all the necessary qualities you’ll need for strength.  

Excellent Handling: Laufenn offers superior handling to all of its customers because of its ideal design and quality materials. These tires are obviously not suitable for intense stunts, drifts, and other extreme applications.

However, you’ll surely find them adequate for a regular drive on the road in any weather condition.

Mileage Warranty: All Laufenn tires come with a mileage warranty of 45,000 miles. This shows how much belief the manufacturers have in the quality of their products.

Usually, budget tires do not have any warranty from the manufacturers because of the subpar materials and low build quality. Laufenn was launched to change that perception and deliver quality at an affordable price. You’ll be pleased to see that it lives up to that promise.

Notable Laufenn Tire Options

As stated before, Laufenn does not come with too many alternate options and ultra-high-performance variants. The tire options you have are quite simple and can be easily characterized.

Laufenn S Fit

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The most expensive series with the best performance parameters in Laufenn brands. The S-fit tires are all-season and are for sedans, hatchbacks, and other smaller vehicles.

Laufenn G Fit

Laufenn G FIT
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The G fit is the standard option that comes with basic features for a safe and comfortable drive. These tires are also for sedans and other similar car types.

Laufenn X Fit

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The X Fit tires are a great choice for light trucks, SUVs, Crossovers, and other similar vehicles. These tires come in All-terrain (AT) and hybrid terrain (HT) variants.

Laufenn I Fit

Laufenn I FIT ICE
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These are specialty tires designed for winter months with thick ice and snow layers.

FAQs About Laufenn Tires

1. Who made Laufenn tires?

The Laufenn brand operates under the popular Hankook tires and maintains the same quality standards as its premium counterpart. You’ll find only a few options under the Laufenn brand with a focus on meeting the requirements of a regular, urban customer.

2. When was the Laufenn Brand Launched?

The brand Laufenn was launched in 2014 and operates from Indonesia. Today, it’s among the most popular budget-friendly brands and enjoys a decent position in the international market.

3. Does Laufenn give a warranty on its tires?

Yes! All Laufen tires come with at least a 45,000 miles warranty. The manufacturers also guarantee that the rubber components and other elements of the tire will retain their integrity for at least 5 years.   

4. Are Laufenn tires good?

Absolutely! They are among the most popular budget choices because these tires provide the best value for money in the market. Given the price range, these tires perform as well as many pricier models.

Laufenn Tire Review: Our Final Thoughts

Laufenn is a great addition to the budget tire market because of its superior quality and excellent prices. In a very short time, this brand has been able to gather a significant market share.

For a very long time, Laufenn was the only budget choice that met the quality standards of all international regulators.

However, their popularity has forced other competitors to up their game and focus more on quality. This shows that Laufenn is truly a trendsetter in its target market. 

Laufenn Tires

Standard All-Season

Laufenn G Fit AS

Light Truck / SUV /Crossover

Laufenn X Fit AT

Laufenn X Fit HT

High Performance All Season

Laufenn S Fit AS


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