How to Slash Tires? – 6 Easy Steps (Knives, Nails, & More)


One life-saving yet dangerously illegal thing to do is slashing a tire. It is a life-saver if you think you are being followed or chased; however, purposely slashing someone else’s tire is a criminal offense. The latter could lead you to jail.

If this act was needed in desperate situations, here is an article on how-to. However, it doesn’t suggest that you go about slashing people’s tires because you are now in the know-how.

How Do You Slash Someone’s Tires?

Slashing is defined as a way of making a deep cut into something using a sharp tool, like a knife. When it comes to tires, it technically means purposely deflating the tire.

However, cutting a tire can be a bit tedious because most tires on the road today are strong and durable. It could take you several minutes to achieve your aim.

Along the line, you could be faced with different circumstances – especially the loud noise that comes with the slashing.

For professionals that already know how to slash tires, it comes easy with them – one without noise. As soon as they puncture the tire, it may almost look normal until it gets flat, and ultimately deflates.

That height of perfection may be almost difficult for newbies, which is why this article is important.

In this beginner step-by-step guide, you need a list of tools to get the job done. Also, there are certain precautions you must take as you slash the tire of a car.

What are the Tools Needed?

Below are two effective tools to get a tire slashed quickly and seamlessly.

  • Knife
  • Nail

Other tools you will need include:

  • A Plastic Bag
  • Pricker
  • Bodkin
  • Awl

What are the Precautions to Take When Slashing a Car’s Tire?

Before you start with someone else’s car, you need to keep up with an act. While you are at it, you need to be careful. After you are done, you should be a lot more careful. The whole essence is to avoid getting caught. Here is a list of tips that will help.

  1. You should stay undetected or avoid drawing attention by arriving at the place on foot. If you pull up to slash a tire in a car, there is a good chance that you will be noticed. However, if you walk around and check the area properly before going ahead, you may be very lucky. It would even be better to do this at night.
  2. Look as natural as possible. No one suspects the regular guy walking the street.
  3. Do not go about carrying the tools to puncture the tire. Having them kept in a plastic bag helps.
  4. Finally, leave as soon as possible. Loitering around raises suspicion; you could be prosecuted if you get caught.

What are the Ways to Slash a Tire?

On how to slash tires, below are the ways to go about it.

With a Knife

Step 1: Get a sharp knife, different from a household/domestic type.

Step 2: Move closer to the tire you want to slash and poke the rubber surface with enough force

Step 3: Remove the knife almost immediately

Step 4: A regular pressurized tire should make a “phsshhh” sound when punctured. It is the release of air from the tire.

Step 5: Repeat for other tires or not.

Step 6: Walk away quietly

With a Nail

It is almost the best way to slash a tire, only that it takes a few hours before the effect sets in. In this case, it involves poking.

Step 1: Puncture or poke the tire’s rubber surface with a nail. It could be done once or a couple of times

Step 2: Remove the nail immediately and quietly walk away

Step 3: After a few minutes of air expulsion, the tire becomes flat.

Deflate without Tire Slash

Another method is releasing the tire valve to get rid of air. With the help of a car valve tool, it is possible to deflate a tire without slashing. It can save you a lot of work.

Things to Consider Before Slashing Tires

If you want to deflate a tire intentionally, for one best-known reason or another, you should bear in mind a few things. They are consequential to help you think through the whole process before embarking on it.


Learning how to slash tires may seem like a consequential life hack but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a punishable offense by law if perpetrated intentionally.

There are circumstances where you may really find it useful – for instance, when your safety depends on it.

Only until you are faced with such a situation, you shouldn’t deflate or release the pressure in a tire from a car that isn’t yours.


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