What Are The Loudest Mufflers – Top 7 Explored

There are hundreds of different parts in a vehicle, and most times, drivers only know a few of them. While this isn’t a big deal, there are, however, some consequential parts that should be known.

One of them is the muffler – a vital part of a car’s exhaust system.

The quality of a muffler determines a truck’s engine performance, as well as its fuel consumption and sound.

In this article, you are about to discover the various types of vehicle mufflers and the loudest options available on the market.

What makes for a loud muffler?

As aforementioned, a muffler provides incredible benefits to your vehicle. However, it comes in different types.

When choosing a muffler for your truck, you need to consider these types as well as other factors such as fitments, style, construction, and category.

With these factors, you can determine what makes a loud muffler and whatnot.  

Find the Right Fit: Inlets, Diameters & More

The first factor you need to consider is the fitment. You need to choose the right fit for the best performance. And talking about fit, features such as inlet and outlet sizes or diameters are important.

The inlet size is the length of the muffler pipe where the valve is attached.

The outlet size is the length/size permissible by the valve on the outside to take the pipe.

If you want to measure the exhaust of your vehicle’s inlet and outlet, you need a few materials like a measuring tape and a marker.

The thing to do is to find the pipe’s circumference by using the measuring type. By doing this, you’ve found out the inlet’s diameter.

For the outlet diameter, you should divide your measure by pi (3.14).

Overall, ensure to check your vehicle’s make/model and choose the appropriate fit or option available on the market.

Choose a Style: Chambered vs. Turbo vs. Straight-Through

Another factor to consider is the muffler’s style. Generally, there are three known options – Chambered, Turbo, and Straight-Through.

Chambered Muffler

It has a unique operation as it allows gas to travel down a series of inner chambers to produce a deep throaty rumble.

This sound is a result of the reverberation of surrounding waves. Chambered Muffler is a perfect option for street and muscle cars intentional about producing strong sound.

Interestingly, the chambers’ size can be adjusted.

Straight-Through Muffler

The Straight-Through Muffler is a common type because it is made of sound-absorbing materials, i.e., steel wool or fiberglass.

It is a very loud muffler with no complication because it is literally a straight pipe and it freely allows gas to flow through. It is specially designed for performance trucks.

Turbo Muffler

The perfect hybrid is the Turbo Muffler. It has components of Chambered and Straight-Through Mufflers for effective performance. Here, this pipe comes with sound-deadening materials to reduce noise and allows gasses to move through chambers designed as S-shaped. It produces less noise.

Consider Construction: Aluminized vs. Stainless Steel Mufflers

Additionally, muffler construction is also important. It determines the performance quality and durability of the pipe.

Naturally Aluminum and Stainless Steel are varieties of steel but they differ from each other in appearance, thermal conductivity, strength, and cost.

Aluminized Mufflers are not as appealing as Stainless Steel Mufflers, but they have higher thermal conductivity and are cheaper. Stainless Steel Mufflers, on the other hand, are stronger and less likely to corrode but expensive.

Know what kind of muffler you need: Categories

Finally, the category of muffler is consequential. It determines the overall effect and quality of sound produced from the exhaust system.

There are only three categories – the cancellation, absorption, and diffusion.


Cancellation mufflers (also called Resonator or The Hemholtz Chamber) are designed with specificity to volume and length. When gasses enter from one end, a resonant frequency is created in a chamber where other sounds within that specific frequency are canceled.

Here, they only cancel one frequency in an exhaust. And most times, cancellation mufflers are used with absorptive mufflers.


Absorptive mufflers come with straight, circular, and perforated pipes housed in a large steel system.

And in between, there are materials that absorb sound, keeping the noise produced at the lowest minimum. They have the least resistance when exhaust gasses flow through.


Diffusion Mufflers divide the flow of exhaust gasses into various paths using baffles (a series of tubes and plates).

These baffles only increase the journeying length of the exhaust when passing through the muffler. Along the line, multiple sound frequencies are lost as a result of superposition and sound wave reflection.

What type of mufflers are the loudest?

Glasspack Mufflers are the loudest. They deliver the best performance and become aggressive with open pipes.

Glasspack mufflers work using a unique material, i.e., a sleeve of glass, that absorbs engine sound, thus dissipating sound wave’s pressure.

They are the perfect choice for race and off-road applications.

7 Top list of loud mufflers

Below is a review of the top 7 loud mufflers on the market.

1. Carven Exhaust R-Series Performance Muffler 3″

Carven Exhaust R-Series Performance Muffler 3"

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Carven Exhaust R-Series Performance Muffler is one of the outstanding options on the market, considering that it is a product of the Carven brand.

This muffler comes with a perforated diffuser baffle and low-pressure sound cancellation system. The inlet and outlet sizes are 3 inches, respectively. It is a perfect loud muffler for muscle and sports cars.

Type of sound you expect

This muffler delivers an aggressive tone even with its low-pressure sound cancellation. It is indeed loud but comes with a bit of droning.  


Carven Exhaust R-Series Performance Muffler is designed with stainless steel material. Thus, it is strong and attractive.

2. Borla 400286 ProXS Muffler Metallic, 4 inch

Borla 400286 ProXS Muffler Metallic, 4 inch

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For the best street performance, the Borla 400286 ProXS Metallic Muffler is an outright choice. It has a dual inlet and a dual outlet measuring 4 inches each. This muffler comes with an internal X-pipe to improve its performance and sound.

Also, the muffler has a reversible design making it easy to install – it aids flexibility. Furthermore, it has a free flow design and a high-temperature continuous-filament fiber (CFF) acoustic material for improved performance and sound control, respectively.

Type of sound you expect

It produces a decent growling sound with the right car specifications.


Borla 400286 ProXS Metallic Muffler is made of an all-welded, high-quality T-304 austenitic, rust-resistant stainless steel material.

3. Flowmaster 8425154

Flowmaster 8425154 Muffler

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Flowmaster remains one of the intelligent brands for mufflers in the automotive industry.

The brand designs its products with advanced technology, delivering the best performance and sound from car exhaust. One of the best inventions is the Flowmaster 8425154 Muffler made of premium quality material.

It has 2.5-inch inlet and outlet sizes.

One thing strikes this muffler out from every other option available – the design. It enables easy installation in sports and muscle cars. Also, it uses Delta Flow Technology for improved performance.

Type of sound you expect

Flowmaster 8425154 produces an aggressive sound, all thanks to the unique Flowmaster Chambered Technology.


The muffler is designed with a 16-gauge 409S Stainless Steel and fully MIG-welded material, thus, providing strength and max durability.

4. Floshine Universal Mufflers

Floshine Universal Muffler

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Floshine Universal Muffler is another incredible option and is recommended not only for its beautiful appearance but for superb performance.

This automotive exhaust pipe has a noise reduction performance system as it absorbs interior resonance by using aerodynamics sound. 

The adaptability of this muffler is also fantastic, as it comes with a universal 3 inch inlet and outlet.

Type of sound you expect

Floshine Universal Muffler produces a low turbo sound due to its factory-style and OE-style domed heads


This muffler is constructed out of high-quality material – an aluminized steel. It has an internal drainage system and partitions that help improve durability and reduce deformation when temperature changes, respectively. It is also welded with this material for stability.

5. Flowmaster 842512 Super 10 Series

Flowmaster 842512 Super 10 Series

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Another option from the Flowmaster is the 842512 Super 10 Series. It is a single-chamber muffler made using the unique Flowmaster Chambered Technology.

It is a universal fit, considering its inlet and outlet sizes of 2.5 inches. And as expected, it utilizes the patented Delta Flow technology to deliver excellent performance.

Type of sound you expect

The muffler produces an aggressive sound – it is designed for car owners that want the loudest experience.


Flowmaster 842512 Super 10 Series is made out of a 16-gauge 409S Stainless Steel and fully MIG-welded material for durability.

6. Flowmaster 72198

Flowmaster 72198 Exhaust Muffler

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The Flowmaster 72198 is another viable option for cars and trucks. It delivers a moderate performance following its 3.0-inch straight-through style and sound absorption materials.

It also has a reversible internal flow design that makes it easy to install in different directions.  

Type of sound you expect

It produces a deep traditional mellow tone – something entirely different from the regular chambered muffler sound.


Flowmaster 72198 is constructed out of a fully MIG-welded 409 stainless steel material for maximum strength and durability.  

7. Flow Fx 2.25″ (Off/Cen) Exhaust Muffler

Flow Fx 2.25" (Off/Cen) Exhaust Muffler

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Flow Fx 2.25″ (Off/Cen) Exhaust Muffler is a universal option and definitely one of the sturdiest. It is famous for its moderate performance level and straight-through style for easy installation.

And as a product of Flowmaster, it is worth the value of money.

Type of sound you expect

This muffler produces an exhaust note different from the usual chambered muffler sound.


2.25″ (Off/Cen) Exhaust Muffler has an intoxicating concert of steel, i.e., 409S Stainless steel case, making it strong and durable. This material also makes sure that gears and combustion echo from speedways.

Which Flowmaster muffler is the loudest?

The loudest muffler is described as one that produces the most aggressive tone, following all the built-in features. And so far, there have been many options from Flowmaster but one that changes everything is the American Thunder Series.

It is the most aggressive option and is specially designed for early muscle cars, off-road cards, and dual exhaust cruisers.

Another that comes close is the Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler. It has the deepest tone.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the concept of mufflers and how they contribute to the active operational performance of a vehicle is consequential.

In this article, you’ve found out the different types of mufflers that exist based on various grounds. Likewise, you know the factors to consider before choosing any of the reviewed options.

All you have to do from here is to visit an automotive shop and get a muffler that meets your needs. 


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