Vogue Tyre Review – Beautiful Tire, But How Does It Perform?

The Vogue Tire and Rubber Company are well-known for its long tradition of manufacturing some of the best custom luxury tires and all-season tires for more than 107 years!

So what makes these tires so special? And why should you consider buying a vogue tire?

Today, we’ll answer these questions and review the top three best tires vogue has to offer. 

So let’s get started!

Overview of Vogue Tyre 

Vogue’s tires are famous and easily recognizable worldwide since this brand was the first to use white sidewalls in its tire design. 

They upgraded their classic tire in the 1960s by adding a golden stripe to its existing design, creating another unique and iconic look. 

However, focusing on revamping their designs doesn’t mean that Vogue Tyres do not perform remarkably well! On the contrary, their great engineering and concentration on durability and longevity are what make Vogue’s tires stand out. 

And after we reviewed these tires, we were left exceptionally pleased with what each model has to offer.

Who Makes The Vogue Tire?

Vogue Tyre and Rubber Co., or simply Vogue Tyre, is an American firm founded in 1914 that manufactures wheels, car accessories, and custom luxury tires. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Vogue Tyre has exclusively produced high-end extravagant tires for flamboyant vehicles and supercars for more than a century.

The brand is also popular among celebrities, designing custom-made tires for musicians, movie stars, and athletes, which helped solidify their status as a first-class tire manufacturer.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Vogue Tire 

If you’re considering buying Vogue tires for your precious ride, you’re bound to find something that meets your needs. That’s because Vogue Tyres cater to the entire consumer market, from luxury sedans to hypercars to high-end SUVs

An important aspect is that the brand doesn’t manufacture models specialized in providing terrain solutions, such as off-road models or tires that can withstand harsh winter conditions.

It does, however, manufacture tires with all-season capabilities, which is an important requirement of the cars its tires are designed for.

And yes, these tires aren’t cheap, but they’re completely worth it for their high quality.

So now that we have a basic idea of what the Vogue Tyre brand is, let us review its three best tires to help you evaluate whether you should invest in a Vogue tire or not.

Vogue Tyre Signature V Black

Vogue Tyre Signature V Black

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Vogue’s Signature V Black provides unique styling and heightened drivability.

This tire is exclusively designed to provide reliable all-season performance along with a comfortably smooth luxury ride. These tires are designed to meet the demands of high-end sedans and coupes and are excellent all-season touring tires.

Tread Design and Noise

The tire’s all-season tread compound features a deeper 10/32-inch tread depth along with an asymmetric tread pattern that provides enhanced traction on wet and dry road surfaces. 

This model also features a distinct black V sidewall design that boosts its good looks and provides additional comfort and a quieter riding experience. 

Traction and Hydroplaning 

The larger outboard shoulder grooves enhance dry traction and improve stability at higher speeds, whereas the circumferential grooves improve wet road performance and minimize hydroplaning. 

Handling and Durability 

Steering response and handling capabilities are exceptional for this luxury tire.

And inside the tire are two high-tensile steel belts reinforced with nylon for enhanced strength and durability. 

Sizes and Warranty 

This tire comes in sizes ranging from 17-20 inches, along with a 60,000-mile tread warranty.


Prices for the Signature V Black start from about $118. 

Vogue Custom Built Radial VIII 

VOGUE Custom Built Radial VIII Tyre

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The Custom Built Radial VIII is beautifully designed and remarkably combines performance with aesthetics.

Tread Design

These tires also have an asymmetrical tread design for enhanced performance in all-weather driving conditions, which means you can use these tires confidently throughout the year. 

Handling and Durability 

The polyester body, high-tensile steel belts, and a unique gold puncture control pad ensure long-lasting durability and stability on the road.


These tires have good wet and dry traction, along with reasonable steering response and handling. However, the tread wear can be uneven at times.

Sizes and Warranty

This tire comes in sizes ranging from 16-20 inches, with a 40,000-mile or 60,000-mile warranty according to the tire’s speed rating.

– Price

Prices for the Signature V Black start from about $145.

Vogue Premium All-Season II

Vogue Premium All-Season II

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Combining high performance with an exquisite design, the Vogue Premium All-Season II provides various features that guarantee good performance on the road

Tread Design and Noise

These tires are designed using advanced computer technology, which offers even tread wear and noise reduction – the All-Season II are considered among the quietest on the road.


Their solid tread design provides exceptional steering and traction with a good grip and traction on wet and dry roads.

These tires provide a comfortable drive in winters, although they aren’t very good in heavy snow. But you can still use them throughout the year. 

Durability and Handling

Their double steel belt design provides additional safety and durability.

Sizes and Warranty

Size range is limited for this model, but they do come with a 60,000-mile tread warranty.


Prices for the Vogue Premium All-Season II prices range start from $242. 

What’s Special about Vogue Tires?

If you still need some more convincing about the durability, quality, and standards of Vogue tires, here are a few pointers as to why these tires are so special:

  • Exceptional and audacious premium quality tires featuring tread designs that signify high-end quality
  • Designed exclusively for wealthy vehicle owners with luxurious high-end cars who want to own one-of-a-kind tires
  • Handling, grip, and maneuverability justify the high prices
  • Tires are manufactured using silica technology which optimizes tread efficiency and helps maintain strong grip and braking distances on wet surfaces
  • Specially designed to be resilient, with enhanced comfort and minimal noise.
  • A 60,000-mile tread warranty is a welcoming figure for such high-end tires.

How Long Do Vogue Tires Last?

The replacement and original equipment of vogue light truck and passenger tires come with a 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty.

What Did Customers Think? 

Here’s what folks on the internet are saying about their experience with Vogue Tyres.

“I’m very pleased with the performance of my Vogue Tyres, not to mention how great they look on my Cadillac.

I’ve driven several hundred interstate miles in mixed weather conditions, and they perform excellently. I would purchase it again.” (5-star rating)

“This is my first set of Vogue tires, but to say I’m pleased is an understatement!

They’re head-turners for sure; they’re smooth and pair well with almost ANY vehicle. I will be getting a pair of red ones also.

I highly recommend these to everyone. I don’t have any chrome rims, but the sleek tire alone is simple but says a lot. Don’t cheat yourself; treat yourself!” (5-star rating)

Final Thoughts: Are Vogue Good Tires?

Vogue’s tires provide enhanced maneuverability, excellent grip, and handling and deliver an overall outstanding all-season performance that justifies the price tag.

Thanks to advanced design features and top-class compound materials, Vogue Tyres feature an exceptional variety of tires that perform reliably on wet and dry surfaces all year round.


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