6 Methods To Clean Whitewall Tires  – Directions Included!

Whitewall tires were once considered posh, lavish, and hip. They represented a stylish person in a fancy car that really stood out, thanks to the whitewall tires.

However, even though ‘white walling’ isn’t a common trend today, many tire brands still manufacture whitewall tires for classic cars, lowriders, and other vehicles that look classy. 

The only challenge with owning these special tires is to maintain them. Since they’re white in color, they tend to get dirty easily.

Hence, they require more maintenance in order to be in the best condition.

This guide would help in knowing the ways to clean and maintain whitewall tires

How do I get my Whitewalls White again? 

The key to cleaning Whitewalls is to use a mix of the above items to achieve the best results. 

Step 1: Loosen Existing Dirt

Use pressured water through a hose pipe or a pressure washer and clear off any loose dirt that exists on the sidewall. 

Step 2: Apply Cleaning Agent

Apply the preferred cleaning agent or soap on the tire sidewall. Ensure it is applied properly and is able to get into the tiny gaps and crevices

Step 3: Scrubbing Brushing

Use the SOS pad or scrubbing brush on the Whitewall after dipping it into the cleaning solutions. Scrub in a clockwise direction over the entire sidewall and ensure no gap is spared. Once scrubbed, rinse or spray the sidewall with water to see which area needs more scrubbing.

Repeat the scrubbing on the required areas until the entire tire is cleaned. 

Step 4: Tire Polish & Spread

If you use a tire polish, apply this over the sidewall and spread it evenly to achieve a bright and glossy finish. 

Repeat the cleaning process for the remaining tires until desired results are obtained. 

6 Best methods to clean Whitewall Tires 

Specialized cleaners are cleaning agents meant specifically for cleaning Whitewall tires. Listed below are some of the best cleaners. 

1. Detail King Tire and Whitewall Cleaner 

Detail King Tire Cleaner
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The cleaner from Detail King is a heavy-duty cleaner that removes dirt and grime in tiny gaps and crevices. Its ability to flush out tiny particles makes this one of the best cleaners.

The chemicals in the cleaner are Whitewall friendly, meaning that when applied to the Whitewall area, the tire is cleaned thoroughly without the color changing from Yellow to White. 

The product also ensures the White color pops out and brightens to give the new, enhanced look. The cleaner not only cleans the tire but also provides a glossy polished look.

Apply this after a wash and the tire looks new! 

2. Duragloss 701 Whitewall Tire Cleaner 

Duragloss 701 Whitewall Tire Cleaner
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The Duragloss Tire cleaner is not only a Whitewall tire cleaner but also works on regular tires to remove grime, dirt, and muck. The cleaner also works on all types of rubber surfaces and can be diluted further for use over other types of surfaces. 

The Duragloss Whitener amplifies the Whitewall and makes it pop further, adding to the overall contrast and look. The cleaner can also be used on tires that have white lettering on them. 

3. Coker Tire 91800 Wide White Whitewall Cleaner 

Wide White Whitewall Cleaner
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The Whitewall cleaner from Coker Tire works in a similar way as the other cleaners, except that it is more Whitewall tire specific. The cleaner comes in a bottle and needs to be sprayed onto the Whitewall to grind and rinse off any dirt and grime. 

The user may also need plenty of water and a brush to wipe off any residue from the tire to give a completely new and shiny look. 

4. Adam’s Wheel & Tire Cleaner 

Adam’s Wheel & Tire Cleaner 16oz
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This particular tire cleaner is what one may want if the preference is to clean the tire and wheel in their entirety. The cleaner is aluminum, alloy, and rubber friendly. Consequently, the cleaner works excellently on Whitewall tires, car mats, and alloy wheels. 

The cleaner is a premium choice that is offered with cleaning brushes and can help get rid of any dirt, grime, and muck.

Not only that, the cleaner helps Whiten the sidewalls in case they start to brown or begin to get all yellow and dull.

5. Sidewall Tire Brush

8.5" Whitewall/Sidewall Tire Brush, White Nylon
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Sidewall tire brushes are a must if one is looking towards full eradication of dirt from the tires’ sidewalls. Tire brushes have thick, sharp, and long bristles that literally get into tire cavities on the sidewall. Scrubbing them against the tire can help clean it. 

Sidewall tire brushes are comfortable to hold and use on the tire.

Continuous brushing with the use of water or a cleaning agent can help achieve great results in cleaning the Whitewalls and in making them look new. 

6. SOS Pads 

S.O.S. Steel Wool Soap Pads 10 pads
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SOS pads could come in handy when cleaning Whitewalls. They help scrub through the rubber. Use water and one could say that the soap in the pads begins to work its wonders.

Constant rubbing and use of water with SOS pads help clear out Whitewalls. 

Water Is Super Essential

An underrated but important agent in cleaning Whitewalls- water is the most important ingredient in this process. Be it a tire cleaner, soap, brush, or SOS pad, water is an essential commodity when it comes to clearing out dirt and grime from sidewalls. 

Water used from a pipe with force helps clear out the majority of the dirt. For scrubbing too, water can be poured using a small bucket to prevent damage to the tire from excessive scrubbing. 

Best way to maintain Whitewall tires

The single best way to maintain Whitewall tires is to keep cleaning them regularly, or at least every single time the vehicle is taken out on a ride.

Be it clothing or tires, White on any surface is a difficult color to maintain since it gets stained easily. 

Cleaning the Whitewalls with water and a tiny bit of soap after every ride ensures the tires remain clean throughout. Delaying the cleaning process could cause any stain to solidify, eventually making it difficult for the owner to get rid of it. 

Cleaning the Whitewalls often also avoids the use of certain cleaners that have harsh chemical agents in them that dull the Whitewall with repeated usage and also cause tiny cracks on the sidewall. 

The best way of removing tough stains

In case there are stains on the Whitewall which are difficult to remove with water or soap, we suggest using the above cleaners on the sidewalls as they eradicate almost any type of dirt or stain from the Whitewalls.

The cleaners mentioned above don’t damage the paint quality or the tires but aid in getting rid of any strong stain. 

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While cleaning Whitewalled tires may sound like a tricky thing to deal with, it isn’t rocket science in any way.

If one follows the right methods to clean the Whitewalls whilst using the recommended cleaners, brushes, and scrubbers, one could pretty much eradicate any stain from the tire.

But, if one chooses to clean the Whitewalls more often, then the process seems much simpler


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