2021 Achilles Tire Review – Significant All-Season Handling

The quality of road comfort is dependent on two significant factors – the car and the tires. Having a good car is not a problem; however, if the tires are in bad shape, you may never enjoy the ride.

That is why it is an important thing to patronize noteworthy tire brands that guarantee the ultimate driving performance.

There are so many options available on the market, but you could get lost trying to figure out the best tire size for your automobile.

Read this Achilles Tires review and discover more about this brand and how it contributes to ensuring incredible road comfort.


Achilles Tires didn’t only become one of the renowned brands in the tire industry; it had invested so much in the production of the fantastic tires that will serve users for a long time.

Where are Achilles Tires Made?

Established in 1991, Achilles Tires is owned by an Indonesian company – Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA), and so far, has been in cooperation with big companies in the industry.

Some of these companies include Continental and Pirelli, and the aim was to produce durable tires for different automobiles – off-road and on-road.

This tire company set up its first-ever production facility for replacement tires in 1994. However, in 2005, it was properly launched into the industry. Today, Achilles is one of the biggest manufacturers of replacement tires for passenger cars, commercial cars, and other automobiles.

Although the brand has gained wide reach in over 80 countries of the world, it aims to achieve more in the following years.

Achilles Most Popular Tire Models

Since Achilles replacement tires are quite popular in the automobile industry, it is important to review some of the best models available on the market. Below is a short review of the 3 most popular models.

Achilles ATR Sport 2

Achilles ATR SPORT 2 All-Season Radial Tire
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One of the fantastic choices of ultra-performance tires is the Achilles ATR Sport 2. It is the ideal summer replacement tire for sedans, and sports coupes. It is low-cost, making it one of the most available options.

Achilles ATR Sport 2 has silica-added tread with a directional pattern, offset tread block design, and solid center rib that works perfectly to enable easy handling and great stability.

More importantly, the handling is incredible with dry and wet traction performance.

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP All-Season Tire
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Following the Achilles ATR Sport 2, is the Desert Hawk UHP, which is also incredible and high-performing. Built as an all-season tire, it is packed with fantastic durability, great traction, and grip. It is an ideal choice for light trucks, SUVs, and Crossover.

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP also has a directional tread design with silica-added compound for stability and braking. It further features a solid rib center for reduced braking and responsiveness.

Achilles 868 All-Season Radial Tire

Achilles 868 All Season Radial Tire
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Another incredible model suitable for all weather conditions is the Achilles 868 Radial Tire. This high-performance tire designed for passenger cars has excellent water channeling capability and reduced hydroplaning.

The 868 All-Season Radial Tire is an affordable option from the brand with features, such as large shoulder blocks, sipes, and circumference grooves. Undoubtedly, handling is great and there is enhanced traction for wet surfaces.

This tire has an asymmetrical tread pattern for cornering stability and precise response.

Design, Features & Benefits

Using any of this brand’s models is rewarding, as there are benefits car owners are open to.


One of the many things car owners are interested in is finding accessories, like tires with great quality. It is the only factor that approves of the things such an accessory can do.

Achilles Tires have intense structure, not only because of the material but the processes involved in the production of the different models. With a team of over 35 experts skilled in various areas of engineering, there is no chance the tires won’t be impressive.

Due to this factor, the brand has been able to form strategic partnerships with other leading names in the industry.


If there is anything assured from the different Achilles tire models, it is the high-performance handling. It doesn’t matter whether you own a passenger car, light truck, SUV, or commercial vehicle, the company’s tires have a solid construction with great handling.

Some of the factors or features responsible for the precision handling of these tires are the tread pattern, grooves, and sipes. Without a doubt, maneuvering with the tires could be one of the easiest things for any vehicle owner to do.


No vehicle owner wants to get tires that have poor qualities or bad construction – everyone expects something durable and long-lasting.

The manufacturer’s tires, however, are one the most-trusted types because they are made of the finest materials guaranteeing excellent durability and good mileage.

This tire company builds tough tires out of unique formulated materials and packs them with features such as rim protectors to prevent damage. More reasons why the grip is enhanced and traction are impressive for dry and wet conditions.

Not many people are fortunate to find anything as good as this, but with the different durable models from this tire company, there isn’t any need to spend every now and then on new tires.


Also, one of the many things the manufacturer considers is road comfort. The building of tires is done in the finest way possible, so that perfect handling, precise responsiveness, and no road noise are delivered.

The company’s tires are compactly designed for ATR-K economists with noise reduction technology integrated during production. So you’d be hard press to find loud noises but these tires can make a screeching sound here and there when driving.

Overall, the tires are quiet and comfortable.

Tread Pattern

Regardless of the tire size and model, a car owner gets, the company’s tires are built with the best tread material so that it delivers superb traction and stability.

It is mostly Silica-enhanced so that it maintains a durable structure and ensures a speed handling capability.

However, the tread pattern varies from one type to another. Currently, there are four types of pattern that determine the level of traction, but this tire company uses two – Directional and Asymmetrical.

The directional pattern is responsible for grip, normal stability, and braking, while the Asymmetrical pattern enhances cornering stability and response.

Expected Treadwear/Tread Warranty

Apart from the factor, i.e., tread that determines whether the brand’s tires are great for snow, wet, and dry conditions, the mileage on the tires is equally important.

Tread warranty, also Mileage is the factor that determines how long a vehicle owner can use a tire. It is indirectly related to the durability of a tire.

However, depending on the tire model from this company, the average treadwear expectancy is 35,000 miles.

Achilles Customer Reviews

There is so much to say about Achilles Tires but customer reviews will do justice to whether they are worth considering or not. There are the goods and the Negatives.

Positive Tire Reviews

According to customer reviews, the good part of having this brand’s tires are:

  • No road noise
  • Great traction for wet and dry conditions
  • Good grip so that it works in all weather – summer, winter, snow, rain
  • Impressive steering response, handling, and stability
  • Excellent speed capability
  • Ideal tire size for light trucks, passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Affordable price

Negative Tire Reviews

On the contrary, customer reviews say:

  • Treadwear expectancy is definitely unimpressive
  • Ride comfort wears down eventually
  • Not all the tires are great during winter

Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of Questions  marks pilled on top of each other

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about the manufacturer’s tires.

Our Final Thoughts

Finding a tire company that produces exactly what you are looking for can be quite hard. If it isn’t expensive, the structure will be compromised or any other drawback you can think of. 

However, Achilles tires are definitely a good purchase because they are readily available to car owners on a limited budget.

As long as this brand’s tires guarantee smooth driving performance on different roads, you shouldn’t hesitate to get the ideal tire size for your vehicle. From here, start enjoying a great ride under any weather condition – even in the rain.


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