How Much Is An Engine Block Worth In Scrap

Recycling or re-selling the old engine blocks has become a significant market. The worth of the crap also depends on the model of the engine and its make. 

For example, a German model is bound to be sold at a higher rate in scrap than an American-made one. 

Because it depends solely on the make and the brand value, this article will take you through the actual worth of an Engine block in scrap.

Can you Scrap Engine Blocks?

Well, first of all, anything manufactured will not always stay, and, understandably, this is also applicable for engine blocks

The timeframe for the survival of an engine is based on the miles run by the engine or on the condition of the cylinder heads. 

The scrap yards are mostly full of car engines that are either broken down or worked up.

Recycled cast aluminum engine blocks have an excellent resale, and scrap metal used in the engine block is sold for between $6500- $7000. 

This is based on the region price in North America, and mostly the scrap yards prefer engine blocks made of cast aluminum

Cast iron, on the other hand, is also preferred but does not play a significant role in scrap engine worth.

How Much is an Engine Block Worth in Crap?

Properly working transmission housings are worth a lot and usually are entirely removed from the engine. 

Similarly, pistons, motors, and steel prices are adjusted according to the engine’s worth. 

A V8 engine is said to be the most expensive in this case and your best bet at getting a reasonable price against scrap engines is through the V8 engines.

An old cast is usually worth more because of the strain hardening it has gone through and would sell at a much better rate. 

The prices of these engine blocks vary with the quality of aluminum engine blocks and the scrap metal involved.

Be it cast iron, steel, or even a thread starter. All the costs add up to the net worth of an engine Block. 

Usually, faulty engine parts are utilized in developing new materials that require a cast or cast aluminum

So a good condition engine block is worth much better than one would expect.

How much is a Blown Engine Worth?

In the case of a seized engine or a blown engine, there are significant challenges when selling it in the scrap yard. 

A blown engine usually isn’t worth as much because of the permanent damages that have been in place for the engine

Even if the metal is recycled using the melting technique, they’re still not worth as much as initially posted prices.

Usually, a blown-up engine is worth between $500-$10,000, depending on the brand’s model, condition, and valuation. 

Blown Engines are worth more on the west coast of North America due to the recycling industries present there.

Are Motors worth Scrapping?

Motors are usually responsible for developing the electrical currents that help the engine convert heat into mechanical energy. 

Many challenges are present in scrapping a motor because the car parts of some vehicles do not comply with the motor itself.

Copper wires utilized in the motors can be used for manufacturing different equipment, and the motors of an engine are worth a lot if you look at their overall applications. 

Motors can also be re-used on a smaller scale as generators and for regenerative applications.

Best Ways To Rid of An Old Engine:

Now, if your engine is worn out and you are not entirely keen on using it over time then it is only fitting to get rid of it. But getting rid is not the only goal here. 

Instead, you must get a good bargain off of it. 

So to sell your old engine, you need to know its true worth first, and any scrap yard will accept the correct cost.

There are some ways by which an old engine can be sold at a much better rate. 

You can get rid of your old engine by using a recycling program. 

In such programs, engines are recycled for their materials, and an old cast is worth much better than a new one. 

I’m guessing that most recycling programs utilize the engine components as scrap and then make something useful.

Another way to get rid of an old engine is to weigh it in and sell the engine components according to the net value. 

This net value is defined by the features’ quality and the thread starter’s viability to be used on it. 

Using the thread starter, multiple mechanics and scrap yard experts refurbish the old cast and sell it as it is fit for running.

Best Selling Practices to Sell and Old Engine:

So if you want to sell your old engine, then there are multiple options that you can avail yourself of. 

Let’s take a look at the different options you have going into the market:

Going to the Scrap Yards:

The basic technique is to go to a scrap dealer and give him the price he offers for the engine. 

However, if he further replies with other deals, then make sure to check them out beforehand. 

Sometimes, some of these deals ask you to pay more, and the price is improved afterward.

Selling it over the Internet:

There are multiple online stores where you can put your engine up for sale, and a person interested in cars would hit you up to ask for a quote on your engine. 

Some of these platforms are free of cost (i.e Facebook marketplace, craigslist, etc…) and some can accept card payments.

Selling Aluminum:

Since engine blocks are usually made of aluminum, the grade of the metal is relatively high for it to be sold cheaply. 

Therefore, it is only fitting that you can sell the engine by weighing in the amount of aluminum and getting the price according to it.

There are multiple options present on the table for you to choose and you are free to determine whether you are to sell or keep your engine. 

The simplest and easiest way is to post an ad on a website and let the SEO stuff take care of your overall selling patterns.

Understandably, you may think reusing the engine is more viable. 

Still, it is only fitting if the engine is worth the effort because seized engines usually have permanent damage to them. 

Using these machines can be dangerous, so it’s best to get money by selling the steel.


So eventually, when you run out of options to run your old engine, it is better to sell it over the internet or in the market. 

Selling it over there can open up multiple opportunities for choosing a new engine for your car

Recycling programs can be good, but you must be smart enough to know the basics.


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