(Complete Guide) Do Low Profile Tires Wear Out Faster?

Everyone knows that there are different types of tires, each with its own structural and physical composition and performance.

One of the best tires, however, making the scene with its incredible performance and appearance is the low profile tires.

The aim of this article is to discuss this tire – more importantly, to answer this question: “do low profile tires wear out faster?”

What are low profile tires?

One of the oldest tires that was very popular and effective for journeying distances was the low profile tires. They were introduced in the late sixties, with the P7, a high-performance tire being the first.

Ideally, low profile tires are known for their aesthetic appearance and are often found in sports cars, high-end vehicles, and sedans like BMW, Porsche 911 Turbo, Lexus, Audi, Honda Accord.

There are quite a lot of things that set the difference between this tire type and the regular tires on roads. Having this piece of information, however, is important so that you can pick the right choice and have a great riding experience.

What is considered a low profile tire?

Low profile tires are ones with a lower aspect ratio and shorter stiffer sidewalls. They are so different from regular tires with these features.

That means all tires come with a code that determines the aspect ratio – the ratio of the tire width to height. If a tire has the aspect ratio P215/50 R15, the number 50 means the tire height is 50% of the width.

Tires with a 50 aspect ratio or less are often considered low profile tires.

Key Features of low profile tires 

Tire Type

First, the tire type is an important consideration to determine whether a tire is a low profile or not.

Most car manufacturers build their low profile tyres with incredible materials (softer compounds) that guarantee road grip and stability. They are often targeted towards sports cars and luxury cars.

So, as the aspect ratio of these sporty tires is considered, the brands also must be. That being said, the popular tire companies with low profile tires include Michelin, Kumho, Continental, Goodyear, and Pirelli.


Apart from the sporty look, aspect ratio, and manufacturer, another thing about low profile tires is their size.

The sidewall is designed for different tire sizes – those that don’t have larger rims (shorter wheel diameter) and those with larger alloy rims (narrow sidewalls).

However, these tires with larger rims, i.e., wider wheel diameter are low profile tires and it is because of this feature they are able to have the sporty style.

Tread Life

Another thing about low profile tyres is their tread design and life.

Low profile tires tend to have a design that will improve their performance, ensure better grip and provide excellent stability.

Their treads are constructed These soft compounds improve traction, making it possible to drive on smooth surfaces efficiently.

Lower Rolling Resistance

One more thing that distinguishes a low profile tire from a regular tire is the rolling resistance. This tyre type has a lower rolling resistance that actively contributes to fuel efficiency.

With low-profile tires, you have a chance at a better fuel economy because fuel consumption is at low speed due to the shorter stiffer sidewalls and simple tread patterns.

TOP Low-Profile Tires Brands


Michelin is one of the biggest tire companies in the world established to provide sustainable mobility of people and goods.

This company has a global footprint and currently stands as one of the manufacturers of low profile tires with the best-seller as Pilot Sport A/S.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S

MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport Performance Radial Tire
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Michelin Pilot A/S is an all-season ultra-high performance tire designed for sports and passenger cars.

It is identified as the only tire in Michelin with the TriFusion compound on the tread for excellent performance.

This low profile tire is constructed suitable for all-weather, and has incredible wet weather control and improved tread life with excellent grip.

This tire is enhanced with different features – for instance, a directional tread pattern with silica compound for durability, and a MaxTouch construction for usability up to 3 or 4 years.


Continental is another company you can never go wrong with. This tire is committed to the production of passenger tires, crossover tires, and light truck/SUV tires with superior performance.

Amidst tire manufacturing, this company offers other services including flat tire roadside assistance.

Continental Extreme Contact

CONTINENTAL ExtremeContact Sport

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Race cars have never been better because of the influence of the Continental Extreme Contact tire.

It is an ultra-high performance tire with excellent grip for dry and wet conditions and it comes with unique technology, i.e., SportPlus for great dry and wet handling and incredible tread life.

Continental ExtremeContact is a low profile tire that also comes with tuned performance indicators for excellent usability under all seasons.


Goodyear Tire is also one of the recognized names when it comes to tire manufacturing. This company is one of the oldest in the business and is committed to improvement and innovation.

Goodyear’s technology is quite incredible and they use them to make tires for safety, comfort, convenience, and better fuel efficiency.

One of this brand’s best products regarding low profile tires is the Eagle GT II Tire.

Goodyear Eagle GT II

Goodyear Eagle GT II
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Looking for a low profile tyre that will fit nearly your entire wheel perfectly? Goodyear Eagle GT II is an excellent choice to go for, as it is designed specifically for various vehicles.

It is one of the most sporty tires on the road with better wheel response and excellent traction for road performance.

This traction makes it possible for cars to move at higher speeds in dry, wet, and sometimes, winter conditions – but with no snow and ice grip.

Furthermore, this tire comes with aggressive, independent large tread blocks with full-depth lateral grooves for excellent cornering and traction, as well as nylon-reinforced twin steel belts for a comfortable ride.


Kumho is remarkably one of the largest tire manufacturers worldwide with decades of experience in designing incredible tires for road use.

The brand aims at providing an extraordinary driving style to its numerous customers, by offering the best innovative tires.

It is no surprise that it stands as one of the manufacturers of low profile tires in the world.

Kumho Ecsta PS31

Kumho Ecsta PS31 Summer Performance Tire
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Kumho Ecsta PS31 tire is designed for passenger cars as one of the best performance tires in the world.

It is a sporty tire for anyone who is interested in better handling, braking, and performance in dry and wet conditions.

The tire construction compound, i.e., Silica is molded into a directional tread pattern with a solid center rib for stability, and a 3D Dimple design to minimize heat in the larger tread blocks.

Furthermore, Kumho Ecsta PS31 has four circumferential lateral grooves for reducing hydroplaning risk, a computer-simulated structure for uniform contact tire pressure for even wear, and a reinforced two-ply polyester casing for impact resistance.


Pirelli is among the top tire manufacturers interested in mainly serving consumers with high-value car tires for a smooth ride.

Pirelli P Zero Nero

Pirelli P Zero Nero
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The P Zero Nero is this brand’s best low profile tyre, and it is an exceptional choice for sedans and sporty cars.

This tire has an optimized tread depth and design with a compound having a balanced proportion of silica for durability and wear resistance.

The Pirelli P Zero Nero is supposedly one of the quietest tires to use in dry and wet conditions, compared to other low-profile choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do low profile tires wear quicker?

Yes, they do.

Low-profile tires are designed in such a way to improve road grip and stability using soft compounds for speed and traction. However, the load index determines the rate at which it wears.

If you are interested in carrying heavy equipment, you shouldn’t use the same tire size as someone who only wants to drive on the road.

Why are low profile tires bad?

What makes low profile tires bad are the noise, fast wear, and poor handling on rough surfaces.

First, they are not the quietest tires because of their wider contact patch area. For a smooth ride, less air is supposed to pass through the tread pattern; unfortunately, in low-profile tires, there is more air.

Secondly, they go through excessive wear which may depend on driving habits compared to normal tyres.

Compared to other tires, all-season tires like these are not always great on uneven surfaces because handling is hard and that could result in poor stability.

How often should low profile tires be replaced?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), low profile tires should be changed every 6 years, unlike normal tires.

How long do low tires last?

Most sporty tires can last between 4 to 6 years depending on the rubber compound. The tire life is not all that extensive but due to the stiff tread ensuring better fuel consumption, it can last that long.

Do low profile tires get more flats?

No, most of these low-profile tires are improved with Run-Flat Technology to save drivers the stress of changing tires constantly.

Are Low Profile Tires the Best Winter Tires?

No, they are not.

Generally, winter tires bite into snow with their grooves and grips which unfortunately low profile tyres cannot do.

Low-profile tires are not the best winter tires because they do not offer snow and ice grip due to their tread depth, presence of larger tread blocks, and the lack of significant compounds.


One of the questions on most people’s minds is: “do low profile tires wear out faster?”

The answer to this question has been provided in this article as everything about low-profile tires has been discussed.

From the lower aspect ratio to fuel consumption rate, and their most readily visible advantage, great wheel response, and increased grip with no tread vibration on smooth roads.

That being mentioned, you should take with you that a low-profile tyre enhances that sporty feel you want in your mid-class vehicles.


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