Tire Mobility Kit | Top Kits for Any Tire Flat

Have you ever been stuck on the side of the road or a highway before because you had a flat tire? At one point or another, you may have experienced this.

When you have a flat tire, the next thing you would want to do is replace the damaged tire with a spare one at the trunk.

Unfortunately, not many can afford the stress of doing this; some automotive companies decided to provide alternative options – the tire mobility kit is one of them.

In this article, you will discover what this device is and other relevant information you need to know against a flat tire emergency.

What Does a Service Tire Mobility Kit mean? – The Temporary Fix for Flat Tire

A Tire Mobility Kit is a device that allows you to temporarily fix a flat tire so that you can continue being on the move. It consists of an air compressor, a compressor hose, and a sticky sealant bottle.

It is the best solution for an emergency. A tire mobility kit is also called a tire inflator or repair kit, and it doesn’t consume much space in the trunk.

Different Types of Mobility Kit

Hyundai and Ford are two companies that have successfully provided tire mobility kits for vehicle owners to solve their problems of incessant parking to fix tires.

Hyundai tire mobility kit and Ford tire mobility kit are incredible in performance that by them many brands were established. 

Below is a review of the few popular types of emergency tire repair kits available.

Slime 50107 Smart Spair Emergency Repair Kit

Slime 50107 Smart Spair Emergency Tire Repair Kit

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With Slime’s Smart Spair Mobility Kit, you may never have to worry about a flat tyre again. It is the perfect alternative to a spare tyre that leaves you with a clean result – no jacks or hassle.

This kit is perfect for all standard tires, and it comes with two main elements – a tyre inflator and a 16 oz repair sealant. However, it is remarkably known for plugging into a standard 12-volt accessory outlet and has a built-in tire pressure gauge.

AirMan ResQ Tire Inflator Kit

AirMan ResQ Pro+ Tire Repair Kit

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AirMan ResQ Tire Repair and Inflator Kit is a multipurpose kit highly recommended for cars, SUVs, and minivans.

This kit comes with a 450ml eco sealant and a high-performance 12v compressor with a cigarette lighter fitting.  It also has an integrated LED light to enable easy use in the dark.

AUTOWN Tire Repair Kit

AUTOWN Tire Repair Kit, 75 Pcs

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Another type of kit used in repairing tires is the AUTOWN Kit. It is a heavy-duty tire plug kit with several tools to fix punctures and is suitable for repairing holes.

This professional kit is made of refined, high-quality steel, making it durable and safe. It is also easy to use because of its T-handle and spiral probe tool design.

How do you use a tire mobility system?

Tire mobility systems are designed so that you don’t need technical know-how to use them. By following simple instructions, you can fix your tires during an emergency. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

Step 1: Before you start, ensure to apply your parking brake to prevent movement while you work on your tire.

Step 2: Attach the compressor hose to the tire sealant bottle. However, you should make sure your air compressor is turned off.

Step 3: The next step is to connect the tire sealant kit to the air compressor using the hose and following instructions on the box. You can test if your tire sealant works before connecting.

Step 4: While your kit works, the next part is working on the affected tire. You would have to unscrew the tire valve cap.

Step 5: Proceed with connecting the filling hose from the tire sealant to the tire’s valve stem. It is important that you have a tight connection to prevent air pressure from getting out.

Step 6: The next thing you should do is connect the compressor power cord to your vehicle’s power outlet. Leave your car to run for a few minutes so that the tire sealant reaches the proper tire pressure – a minimum of  200kpa or 29 PSI.

Step 7: Once you have filled your tire with the sealing compound, you should replace the tire valve. It is also crucial that you don’t overinflate the tire, and you should move at a safe pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far can you drive on a tire mobility kit?

With your damaged tire repaired, you need to consider some things for your own safety. First, you shouldn’t drive at a speed higher than 50 mph; secondly, you shouldn’t exceed 120 miles of distance.

The maximum distance for moving with a tire temporarily fixed with a kit is 120 miles unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer. You should ensure to check instructions for safety requirements.

Why does a new car not come with a spare tire?

Many times, you may have seen new cars not come with spare tires. The reason is not far-fetched.

Car companies ignore the spare because of the regulatory pressure requirement to squeeze more miles out of every fuel gallon.

In addition, the tire and jack contribute to a car’s weight, and that automatically improves fuel economy. Hence, you won’t find a spare tire in a new vehicle.

What to do if lost or can’t find your tire mobility kit?

Most times, people find themselves having flat tires after parking or while driving on the road. When that happens, the next line of action is fixing it with a tire kit.

However, what happens if you can’t find your kit?

The next thing you could do is seek roadside assistance. Your tires will be inflated so you can continue your journey.

What does a service tire mobility kit mean on Ford?

Ford tire mobility kit is perfect if you have a roadside blowout or the tire’s sidewall is damaged. It allows you to temporarily repair your tire without going through the stress of changing it.

However, this brand has its product improved in such a way that the sealant comes with a warning light that works based on the expiration date. If the warning light comes on, it means you need to get a replacement.


If you are tired of constantly changing your tires when they become flat, you should consider going for the option of tire inflators. They are one of the easiest and safest options. In the same vein, they save time and you won’t have to worry about getting back on the road. 

You can walk into any tire shop and get the best affordable option available that would serve all your cars extensively.


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