2021 Primewell Tire Review: PS850, PS890 & Valera Tires

Do you own a car and need the best tires for ride comfort?

You can never go wrong with patronizing the best brands in the business. Some of these companies are old, while others were only recently established; nevertheless, what matters is the performance of their products – tires, in this case.

Primewell is one of those brands committed to manufacturing great and reliable, all-season tires. It won’t be so bad to learn more about them in this review and find out what they have to offer for different car owners.

Overview of Primewell Tires

Primewell is one of the newest tire manufacturers in North America, operating under a world-renowned company, Bridgestone (Firestone).

It isn’t shocking news that Bridgestone is a leading manufacturer, and what to expect from its subsidiaries should be nothing but incredible.

Primewell, however, belongs to another international tire giant, Giti Tires, which is based in Singapore.

Together, this brand has dominated the world’s tire market and become the 14th best tire company, according to some personal publications.

The company’s tires were designed for different types of vehicles – from passenger cars to sedans, SUVs, trucks, and many others.

They are often between the high range to the low range, depending on preference.

Currently, Primewell tends to the tire needs of over 5,000 vehicle types.

The sales operations are also being carried out in about 12 to 13 countries of the world today.

Where are Primewell tires made?

Primewell tires are manufactured by the Singapore-based company, Giti.

While these tires are also produced in China, they are often distributed to local American brands like Firestone for proper sale.

Giti Company is also the parent company of other tire brands like GT Radial, Dextero, and Runaway.

In summary, Giti has its popularity spread in over 100 countries through the sale of different items, including Primewell tires.

Notable Primewell Tires Review

As you learn about Primewell tires, below is a description of the different models of tires from the brand, and how they work effectively to ensure road comfort.

Primewell PS830/850

Primewell Tires PS850 Touring Tire

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  • An ideal winter tire
  • Guarantees comfortable driving
  • Smooth with precise handling


  • Not suitable during heavy snow

An incredible all-season tire from Primewell brand is the PS830/850. It is a touring tire designed for passenger cars, making it popular and highly recommended.

Primewell PS830/850 has a great performance coupled with excellent stability, ensuring it is suitable in any weather/climate conditions.

It also has good traction with super-side or wide shoulder grooves to improve cornering and maneuverability.

This tire has a symmetric tread design and directional tread pattern; hence, it is easy to use.

It has a treadwear warranty between 50,000 to 60,000 miles.



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  • Good choice for light truck and any large car
  • This Valera H/T tire model has a reliable traction with great braking
  • Stable and suitable in both dry and wet conditions


  • Gets noisy on a highway
  • Valera H/T needs a little work on its handling

Driving large and heavy vehicles becomes easy with Primewell’s Valera H/T tire. It is a perfect choice for SUVs, crossovers, and light trucks. It is also great for large passenger cars.

It is also an all-season tire with incredible traction for dry and wet surfaces.

It is without a doubt that ride quality will be extraordinary with the optimized carcass tension technology.

This high-performance touring tire also maintains minimal to zero road noise with the help of advanced noise-canceling technology in the tread block.

Primewell Valera H/T tire has a fantastic symmetric tread design and pattern, making it stable and durable even in wet conditions.

The treadwear warranty is 50,000 mileage.


Primewell PS890 TOURING TIRE

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  • Good water evacuation in wet conditions
  • Another winter tire worth the value of money
  • Unique tread compound for improved flexibility
  • Responsive handling aided by shoulder blocks


  • Low tread life

Getting across different terrains is possible with the Primewell PS890, an extraordinary touring tire known for being comfortable and quiet.

This tire has an all-season driving performance, making it the ideal choice for passenger cars and minivans.

Furthermore, it has large shoulder blocks to improve cornering, enhanced steering and handling, and symmetric grooves to provide biting edges for good road performance.

Additionally, the PS890 has an asymmetric design with full-depth sipes enhancing grip for dry and wet surfaces – even in snow.

The tread warranty is 50,000 miles.

Design, Features & Benefits


What makes Primewell tires better than other competitors in the industry is the superior quality, while it is offered at a much relatively cheaper price.

Most tires become expensive when their quality is improved; however, that is not the case with this brand’s tires.

From the Primewell Valera to the PS830/850, and many others, this brand guarantees good quality.


Another good thing about this tire brand is that it produces tires with responsive and precise handling.

Most of the tires have shoulder grooves improving cornering, stability, and handling. Therefore, regardless of the conditions – dry or wet, a car remains in control.


Whether you are driving on wet or dry roads, this brand ensures that its tires are durable and strong.

The all-season tires made of rubber material are improved with a unique tread compound to ensure strength and long-term use.

Snow Traction

Primewell tires perform well in the snow because of superior traction with biting edges built into them.

They have incredible tread patterns and designs capable of overcoming different snow conditions – heavy or light.

Expected Treadwear

What convinces many vehicle owners more about the tire they are about to buy is the treadwear warranty.

For Primewell tires, the average warranty is 50,000 miles, which is almost good enough. That means the tires are designed to last for 5 years or more.

Tire Noise

The different sets of tires from this manufacturer are improved with noise cancellation technology for reduced or no tire noise while driving.

Even though there are a few exceptions depending on the tire model and road type, the tires are designed to deliver excellent ride quality.

Primewell Valera, for example, has a variable pitch design for smooth ride and comfort.

Ride Comfort

Finally, what many car owners will enjoy from Primewell season tires is ride comfort. As long as you have the right Primewell tires, you should be driving comfortably.

Primewell Customer Reviews

Find out what different customers have to say about Primewell tires in the recent posts.

Positive Experiences with Primewell Tires

  • Most Primewell tires are built with excellent grip and outstanding, responsive handling on different occasions or weather
  • There are always tires for different model of cars from this Giti company
  • The high performance tires with quality traction are good in wet and dry conditions
  • Most of the tire comes at an affordable price

Negative Experiences with PrimewellTires

  • The all season tires have limited treadlife
  • Sometimes, they are not quiet

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Primewell tires and their working performance with cars, large vehicles, crossovers, etc.

Are Primewell tires good?

One of the best tire brands you would ever come across is Primewell. This Giti brand is a remarkable tire manufacturer for your passenger car, minivan, sedan, coupe, and any other type of vehicle you have.

Surprisingly, they provide these tires at an affordable price, so you don’t have to break a sweat.

So, if there is anything you’ve learned in this Primewell tires review, it is that: having a good set of tires with fantastic features goes a long way to ensure road comfort.

Enjoy good road performance today, as you get a Primewell tire.


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