How to Make Tires Black Again – Bring Them Back to Life!

Daily travel and long road trips can make the tires black and shiny go dull and gray in no time. Car fans know that untreated and sloppy tires can trigger risk in driving, whereas grey and faded tires compromise the presentation of your amazing vehicle.

Here in this article, we will address how you can make your tires black again without changing them.

Make Tires Black – Why should you?

Tires remain in friction with the road while driving. This friction causes discoloration, cracking and makes the tire lose its spikes. In contrast, the tire’s rubber material loses its elasticity, resulting in the tire losing its durability to friction.

Making tires black means taking routine care of your tire, which also comes with technical benefits. Such as;

  • You can prevent the rubber from cracks early
  • Increasing tire’s durability and toughness
  • Preventing tire from exploding and flattening

Worn-out tires not only look bad, but they also compromise the presentation of your vehicle. Not only that, but it can be life-threatening for the driver as they lose their grip over some time.

Read on to know more because, in today’s DIY tips, you can become a pro at how to make tires black again!

Things to make tires black again – What will you need to follow this tutorial?

Here is a shortlist of what things you need to make your tires brand-new.

  • A water spray, a pipe or a hose, store-bought tire cleaner like dish soap, a microfiber towel, and a scrub brush is essential to clean the tires and rims.
  • Oil is the old-school method to make tires black in one go. Although simple to apply, and cost-effective it is not durable. It makes them slippery once in contact with water, grease on the rims, and can make the drive highly unsafe. This is why oil adhesion is not so popular anymore.
  • Water-based dressings are an alternative to the oils available in markets and car shops, and it also comes with a UV protectant.
  • Silicone or rubber instantly makes the tires black and patch up the punctures. However, they are used in a specific dosage at every car repair shop, and if you have no prior experience, the wrong dosage can make the tires hard and less flexible.

Thus, it is crucial to be equipped with the proper knowledge and products to make the tires black the right way!

How to make tires black again? A step-by-step guide to newness!

Browsing through the internet about easy-to-use products, you can make the tires black again without much hassle. Here are the steps that you should follow while making your tires black.  

1. First things first, clean up the tire.

Nothing, no product or polish will make the tires black unless the dirt-cakes sitting on the tires are cleaned first. The rim, wheels, grooves, every nook, and cranny of the tire should be cleaned using high-power water sprays (special nozzles).

You can also use a hose to clean up the dirt from the tires, as it ensures a high-pressure water supply, so the dirt, dust, and grime go away instantly.

You can also use dish soap as a tire cleaner to ensure effective cleaning. Many people tend to use a scrub brush to clean between the grooves; however, it is not recommended to damage the tires. Look out for microfiber towels instead.

2. Let the tires dry

Once thoroughly cleaned, let each tire dry so that the tire dressing or blackening agents gets uniformly applied on the tire’s evened-out surface.

**Pro tip: Before you apply the tire blackener, coat the tires with a gel or tire balm after cleaning and drying, it will act as a liner/protection and enhance the durability of the blackening agent. Just make sure that you dry the tire again.**

3. Time for a tire dressing or, as you may call it, a tire blackener

From oils to water-based solutions, you can find many chemicals with different features. However, water-based solutions with UV protectants applied on the tire with brushes or cloth are the top choice as they are safe, easy to use, and keep the tire black for more extended periods.

It is essential to follow all the instructions on the product’s pack, as their overuse can damage the tires. Buy good-quality products and specialized tire blackener brushes because the tires are the fundamental of your car.

4. Wait for the tires to dry again, and see the magic

Please wait for the tires to dry because most of the blackening chemicals show results once they are dry. So be patient, as the results are worth the wait!

Do not fall for the market tactics or cheap products; your tires need the best.

Products you can buy for enhanced shining

Here are a few products that will not only make your tires black but will help them get the desired gloss and shine.

TriNova Tire Shine

TriNova Tire Shine Spray
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A water-based tire shine spray that gives long-lasting results with no grease on drying, TriNova Tire Shine is a popular choice amongst car-enthusiasts and detailers.

It comes in a gel-based or spray form. The spray is easier to use. Once the tire shine is applied, use the applicator pad that comes with it to dab it and wipe it away evenly.


  1. High-gloss shine with finesse
  2. Durable and protect the tire against aging
  3. Resilient to dirt and grime

CAR GUYS Tire Shine

CAR GUYS Tire Shine
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With a polymer additive, it not only makes the tires shine but can also be used effectively on other car parts such as plastic and vinyl surfaces. Although easy to use with eye-pleasing results, it is not water-resistant and can get easily washed off, killing the satin look.

It comes in a spray form with its applicator pad and instruction guide to ensure a hassle-free process.


  1. Best-rated quality shine
  2. Durable, and has a UV protectant
  3. It can be used on other car parts
  4. It can be applied multiple times without any damage.

Turtle Wax T-10 Black

Turtle Wax T-10 Black Tire Coat
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Rainstorms or multiple car washing, this product is resilient to all. It not only makes the tire shiny but cleans away all the dirt and grime. It is available in spray or gel form with microfiber applicator pads or wipes; it is easy to use and cost-effective.


  1. Bonds well to sidewall rubber
  2. Non-greasy
  3. Durable, flexible high-shine coating
  4. Repels dirt and grime

Best Homemade DIY Tire Shine Solutions

For people with a knack for doing everything from scratch, DIY hacks have been a lifesaver during this pandemic when going out for car detailing or tire blackening is unsafe.

Here are some easy DIY tire shine solutions for your cars!

1. Baby oil:

Homemade baby oil is easy to prepare with zero harmful chemicals and will make your tires look glossy and your car as good as new. You can use it every week.

List of what’s needed:

  • 1 cup of any baby oil
  • 1/2 cup water
  •  A few drops of dish soap
  •  Clean towels or clothes

Cleaning method:

  • Take half a cup of water in a spray bottle
  •  Add in a few drops of dish soap with 1 cup of baby oil
  •  Shake vigorously to mix it well
  •  Spray it on the towel and the tire, clean well

2. Castor oil and alcohol:

Castor oil not only makes your hair shine but your tires too. When combined with alcohol, this DIY shine solution gives an excellent glossy look to the tire.

List of what’s needed:

  • 30 ml dish soap
  • 100 ml castor oil
  •  300 ml rubbing alcohol
  •  2 gallons or 7 liters of water
  •  Clean towels

Cleaning method:

  • Wash the tire with water first and then with alcohol
  •  Clean the tire with 30ml dish soap mixed in lukewarm water
  •  Use the clean towel to apply alcohol uniformly
  •  Lastly, take a new towel and apply castor oil

3. Lemon Oil:

Who doesn’t know the excellent benefits of lemon oil, but what you do not know is that you can prepare a homemade lemon oil tire shine with a few ingredients. It not only acts as an excellent tire shiner but works as a rubber conditioner and tire wax, too, protecting the tires against aging.

List of what’s needed:

  • 15ml lemon oil
  •  30 ml dish soap
  •  50ml borax
  •  2 gallons of water
  •  A cleaning brush

Cleaning method:

  • Take a bucket and pour all the ingredients into it
  •  Give it a good stir
  •  Apply the mix on the tires
  •  Clean thoroughly with the brush
  •  Dip the tire in the mixture, squeeze the liquid and let it dry

4. Homemade Pledge Furniture Polish:

Furniture polish is not only for your bed set. It can bring back the glossy appearance of the tires of your car, and we are not kidding. If out of stock, or when you do not want to visit the store in this pandemic to avoid human contact, preparing a homemade Pledge furniture polish is a lifesaver – or should I say a car saver?

List of what’s needed:

  • Half a cup olive oil
  •  20 drops of lemon oil or one-fourth of lemon juice
  •  A microfiber cloth

Cleaning method:

  • Take a spray bottle
  •  Put the ingredients in it
  •  Shake well
  •  Spray on the tires
  •  Wipe down the surface with the towel


Can you use WD40 as a tire shine?

Used as an effective cleaning agent, lubricant, and penetrative oil, WD40 can be used on the rubber (silicone) of the tires to make them appear clean, shiny, and glossy. It is safe and easy to use and acts as a lubricant for the tire, increasing its efficiency with smooth running on the roads.

Although people get skeptical about using WD40 as a tire shine, there is nothing to worry about. It can also be used to keep spark plugs at bay from corrosion. wd40 works effectively in removing the hard tar deposits on the rims of the wheels.

Why is it so essential to protect your tires?

Summing it all up, making the tires black not only revives the car’s beauty but it makes its life longer and the driver safe on the roads. Bad tires can be dangerous, as they can lose their grip on the streets while sloppy sideways.

Tires are one of the most noticeable features of your car’s appearance. Your car says a lot about you, so let it reflect your best side.

Now that you have come to an end with us and have equipped your minds with the proper knowledge to roll up your sleeves, tires are waiting for your attention!

Make the tires black again, so next time you take your car on the road, you feel the drive!


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