12 Simple Products to Help with Garage Tire Storage

Storing tires safely is an important job for a lot of people who don’t use all-season tires.

Contrary to what most people expect, you just can’t dump your tires in any corner of the garage and assume that they’ll retain their performance the next time you use them.

Thankfully, safely storing tires is easy. You just need the right tools to do that. This article takes a look at the 12 most popular ways that are both effective and economical.

Storing Tires in a Garage – Top Rules!

The right way to store tires depends on several factors. Whether the tires are mounted or unmounted, the available space you have, the weather, and several other factors, etc. determine the right way to store tires.

Upright Position Better Way To Store

Tire manufacturers generally recommend you to store unmounted tires in an upright position. Since they don’t have the wheel attached, they won’t roll away for a long distance.

You should also make sure that you reposition the tires after every month. Doing so would ensure that the tires don’t get affected by flat-spotting and remain in top condition.

Stacked Unmounted Tires Is A No Go

Another important thing you must remember is to never stack unmounted tires on top of each other.

This is often the first instinct for many people as it saves space and is commonly observed in some tire shops.

However, stacking unmounted tires puts a lot of pressure on the sidewall, which damages the tire and makes it unusable.

Mounted Tires For The Win

Storing mounted tires, on the other hand, is quite different. The rims can sustain all the pressure when the tires are mounted.

So, you can safely stack them together or hang them.

It is, however, not recommended to store them upright without securing them. Mounted tires can easily roll over for very long distances and might even become dangerous.

Products for Safely Storing Tires in any Garage

Safely storing tires in your garage is not difficult. However, most places have limited space and you just can’t fill the entire area with your spare tires.

Fortunately, multiple products can help you navigate this issue by safely dealing with your tires.

The four most popular solutions that take up limited space and are excellent for garage tire storage are:

  1. Wall mounts
  2. Tire dollies
  3. Tire covers
  4. Overhead tire hanger

The following sections take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Some of the top choices available in the market are also mentioned for your convenience.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are an excellent solution for safely storing tires whether they are mounted or unmounted. If you are storing tires for more than one car, then they’ll be a lifesaver.

You’ll easily be able to organize and identify the tires you want. It’s also quite simple to load a tire on wall mounts and the best part is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on them.

Here are some high-quality wall mounts you can find in the market.

1. HyLoft 01031 Folding Storage

HyLoft 01031 Folding Storage TireLoft

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HyLoft 01031 is considered to be one of the most popular wall mount choices currently available. The wall mount is perfect for storing your seasonal tires and keeps them in top-notch condition.

HyLoft 01031 is easily installable and can hold up to 300 to 400 Ibs. Made from an all-steel material with scratch resistance, the wall mount is designed to last for years.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Can hold 300 Lbs easily
  • Saves Space in home garages


  • Included hardware is low quality
  • 2. MAXXHAUL 70489 Adjustable Wall Mount

    MAXXHAUL 70489 Adjustable Wall Mount Tire Rack

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    MAXXHAUL 70489 is another well-recommended wall mount. The wall mount is composed of heavy-duty steel and has rigid steel tubing, letting it easily hold 4 standard tires.

    For your ease, the wall mount can easily be folded. Letting you easily save space when the wall mount isn’t being used.


    • Easy to install
    • Adjustable tire rack
    • Lightweight


    • Steel tubes can sag if used for heavy tires

    3. FibreHead FH-4WH Flush Wheel hangers

    FibreHead FH-4WH Flush Wheel hangers set

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    If you’re looking for an aesthetic and simple wall-mount alternative, then FibreHead FH-4WH is exactly what you need. The mounting bars are designed to be minimally intrusive, keeping your garage wall safe.

    FibreHead allows you to configure the mounts to your liking and lets you utilize space more effectively.


    • Each mount has a 120 Lbs capability
    • Made with Heavy Duty and stainless steel
    • Hardly noticeable when unused


    • Installation is slightly more time consuming compared to alternatives

    4. Steel Wall Mount Folding Tire

    Tire Wheel Garage Storage Rack

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    This wall mount is a good choice if you’re looking for a simple wall mount that can store seasonal tires safely. The wall mount is foldable, letting you easily save space more effectively.

    With adjustable width, the wall mount can be customized to fit your storage needs.


    • Durable steel bars
    • Easy to install
    • Functionally wall mount
    • Good value for money


    • Some customers have reported difficulty while adjusting lower bars

    5. Rolling Tire Rack

    Garage Shelving Tire Storage Rack

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    Finding a wall mount for a single car tire is easy but what happens when you need to store seasonal tires for 2 cars?

    Well, that’s where STEELAID’s Rolling Tire Rack steps in. Instead of buying two wall mounts, you can save money and get the Rolling Tire Rack which can store and accommodate 8 tires.

    The tire rack comes included with a protective cover to keep it stored safely and protected against all-natural elements like dust, rain, sunlight, and corrosion.


    • Compact design
    • Heavy-duty and durable steel
    • Waterproof protective cover
    • Caster Wheels


    • Lower truck rack can’t fit tall tires

    Tire Dolly

    If you love working on your car or run a workshop, then a tire dolly is the best friend you can ask for.

    They’re a fantastic addition to your home garage which can allow you to store and move wheels around without any difficulty. Most tire dollies are designed to be stable and durable enough to handle the weight of your seasonal tires. 

    The following are some of the best tire dollies available in the market.

    6. MaxxHaul 80746 Tire Dolly

    MaxxHaul 80746 Tire Dolly, 300 lb. Capacity
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    One of the first recommendations you’ll get when it comes to tire dollies is the MaxxHaul 80746 tire dolly.

    With the capacity of handling 300 Ibs, this tire dolly is designed with a molded polyethylene for extra durability and strength. Maxxhaul 80746 can handle five tires with wheel assemblies and eight without them.


    • Can rotate 360 degrees for added maximum maneuverability
    • Small and compact design
    • Build-in storage for ease


    • Large tires hang off the frame

    7. Adjustable Tire Wheel Dolly

    Adjustable Tire Wheel Dolly

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    Another popular choice among customers is the adjustable tire wheel dolly.

    This heavy-duty tire dolly is made with durable and tough steel suitable for industrial application.

    Not only is the tire dolly easily adjustable, but the tire dolly also has 3-inch nylon solid casters that are capable of handling 4 standard tires.


    • Can Dolly is easily extendable to 32.5”
    • Convenient design
    • 3” wheels allow the dolly to easily be moved around


    • Is heavy

    8. John Dow Industries JDI-TT1-HD

    John Dow Industries JDI-TT1-HD Heavy-Duty Tire Taxi
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    When it comes to heavy-duty tire dollies, John Dow is another popular choice. Measuring 31.4”, the tire dolly can hold up to 4 tires and wheel assemblies.

    JDI was built to ease transporting of tires and can be stored efficiently due to its stackable feature.


    • Comes included with one locking caster
    • Built-in tool tray


    • Expensive

    Tire Covers

    Tire covers are exactly what they sound like. They’re the most simple and basic solution you could need to store your seasonal tires. Moreover, you can even protect the tires you’re currently using on your car with them.

    Tire covers ensure that your tires maintain their value and reduce their overall depreciation rate over time.

    The following are some of the most notable tire covers that you can get today.

    9. Kurgo Seasonal Tire Tote

    Kurgo Seasonal Tire Tote

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    Kurgo Seasonal Tires Tote is an incredible choice.

    These tires have everything you could need such as a handle to let you easily lift and store the tires as well as an adjustable fit so that it can accommodate various tire sizes.


    • Lifetime warranty
    • Durable material to protect tires against natural elements
    • Stackable for efficient storage


    • Included slots for cards identifying tires are loose

    10. SoGuDio Tire Storage Cover

    SoGuDio Tire Storage Cover

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    The perfect tire covers don’t exist but the SoGuDio Tire storage cover comes pretty close. This tire cover is designed for 4 tires stack together for compact storage.

    The cover is made of 420D silver-coated Oxford material which boosts up the durability of the cover and makes it tear-resistant.

    SoGuDio Tire covers to protect your tires against rain, dust, and sun damage.


    • Includes 2 strong handles for increased convenience
    • Shrink or stretch resistant
    • Zipper to ease tire storage and access


    • Quality Warranty is only for 12 months

    11. Heininger 5392 Large GarageMate

    Heininger 5392 Large GarageMate TireHide (Fits up to 30" Tires)

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    Heininger 5392 is a popular choice for many customers. This heavy-duty tire cover comes in 2 different sizes and is an inexpensive addition to your garage. The largest size can fit a tire up to 30”.

    Coming with a simple and easy installation, Heininger also comes integrated with a convenient-to-use zipper.


    • Includes Drawstrings for convenience
    • Comes with a storage bag for the cover


    • Can only be washed by hand

    Overhead Garage Storage

    If efficient storage is the biggest concern you have when it comes to your garage, then an overhead garage storage tool is a match made in heaven for you.

    Even if you have limited space available in your garage by simply utilizing the ceiling space, you’ll have the best solution needed for all your storage needs.

    The following is one of the best overhead garage storage racks currently available in the market.

    12. FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage

    FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

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    Fleximounts 4×8 overhead garage rack perfectly balances safety and functionality. With an ample amount of vertical support and a larger contact surface, you can safely store multiple objects without care.

    The wide wire deck and frame of the overhead storage rack are designed to provide maximum stability and provide ample amount of space for you to store items.

    Furthermore, you can even expand storage space by utilizing Fleximount hooks and clamps to hang more commonly used items.

    Overall, Fleximount overhead garage comes with an incredible storage capability of 600Ibs and is an incredible choice for anyone serious about changing the look of their garage.


    • Expandable storage space
    • Ideal for those who are concerned with flood damage
    • The adjustable height can be customized from 22” to 40”
    • High-quality hardware


    • Lengthy installation time

    Should tires be stored vertically or horizontally?

    It is better to store tires vertically to avoid any unnecessary stress and to maximize tire life preservation.

    Should tires be stored in bags?

    Storing tires in specialized bags designed for tire storage will not create any problem.

    However, if you’re planning on storing tires in a general bag, make sure that you clean the tire and remove as much air as possible before storage. It would also be better if you utilize duct tape to make the bag air-tight.

    Is it bad to stack tires?

    You can stack tires together but please ensure that each of the tires is covered or has a protective barrier such as a cardboard or towel between them. Also, ensure that the tires are perfectly aligned with each other. 

    Is it better to store tires inflated or deflated?

    Neither. When you’re planning on storing tires, it would be better to deflate them by 50% of their normal pressure.

    Final thoughts

    Safely storing tires can seem too complex or difficult. There are far too many factors to consider such as ensuring the right conditions to protect tires perfectly as well as utilizing limited garage space efficiently.

    However, with the aforementioned tools, you can easily achieve both of these objectives. 


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