Kenda Car Tire Review – Handling, Durability, Treadwear & More

There are several parts that make a vehicle; each works interdependently for its entire functionality. If one of the many parts got damaged, there is no doubt that the car would cease to perform efficiently – the same way it did when they were all in great form.

However, one of the many consequential car parts is the tire. Buying the best car tire on the market will guarantee an easy ride on the road.

Overview of Kenda Tires

Kenda is a Taiwanese manufacturing company, and one of the many top-rated brands for car accessories, especially tires, on the market.

In 1962, it started out with bicycle tires; decades later, it started producing great truck tires, SUV tires, etc.

Today, there are thousands of tires for bicycles, ATVs, Trucks, Trailers, and many others to its name, worldwide.

Kenda works under Cooper Tires in the United States for large-scale production, globally but has factories in countries like China, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Where are Kenda Tires Made?

Currently, Kenda’s place in the world’s top tire manufacturers is the 27th position. It aims to be one of the top 10 someday, following the amount of work they put into testing, development, and production.

It considers the weaknesses of many top tire brands, and improves on them so that car owners wouldn’t have to worry about road pliability.

Apart from the credibility of the brand’s tires on the road in varying weather conditions, it has surpassed expectations by being quite affordable.

Furthermore, fuel efficiency is another interesting reason why this brand is regarded over many others – it makes use of advanced silica infused tread and tire design. The overall performance of the various sets of tires from Kenda is top-notch.  

Kenda’s Most Notable Tire Models

Kenda Tires Review

Buying the next tire for your vehicle, ATV, bicycle, or truck, etc., can be quite tasking; however, you should check out the most popular models for any season from this company.  

Kenda Klever R/T KR601

Kenda Klever R/T KR601
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One of the best tires you can ever have for the season is the Kenda Klever R/T. It is high performance with great durability, and an optimized tread design.

It is the ideal choice for driving in mud, dirt, off-road, and on dry and wet roads due to its incredible traction and sidewall tread blocks.

Due to this design, it guarantees a little or no-noise road experience for trucks and SUVs.

Kenda Vezda Touring A/S

Kenda Vezda Touring A/S
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The Vezda Touring tire is another fantastic choice from Kenda known for its asymmetric tread pattern design making steering and handling a lot easier.

This tire has a decoupling groove and a high sipe density for an enhanced winter and wet traction performance.

It guarantees a 65,000 miles warranty, while preventing hydroplaning and keeping road noise at minimal.

Kenda Klever M/T KR29

Kenda Klever M/T Tire
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Avid off-road riders need a tire with improved traction and great protection; Kenda Klever is one of the available options to ensure that.

This tire comes with scalloped shoulder blocks and continuous shoulder side walls for great traction and sidewall protection. Thus, it can cut across wet and snow surfaces with ease.

Kenda Vezda UHP

Kenda Vezda UHP A/S
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The ideal choice of tire for any road enthusiast is the Kenda Vezda UHP. It is a high-performance tire that can ensure dry and wet traction performance using low and high void treads.

It also has a distinct 3D siping technology that makes it pliable on a snow surface.

This UHP tire has a good grip and 50,000 miles warranty, making it a good choice for sports cars, coupes, sedans, etc.

Kenda Design Features & Benefits

Kenda offers a set of tires that perform well any time of the day. However, you might need to consider some factors to ensure that you pick the most appropriate choice for you.


The most important thing that makes Kenda tires different from all other tires on the market is Quality.

Many times, people with automotive, bicycles, powersports, specialty, and even wheelchairs find it difficult to get the right set of wheels, for some reasons. Even when they do, not every tire on the market lasts so long; thus, there is a need for a more reliable option.

In the interest of automobile owners, kenda’s tires engineering offers a high performance, and premium quality, irrespective of the season or dry and wet surfaces. It is also the best budget-friendly choice.


Following the good quality of Kenda tires, road stability is another incredible benefit automobile owners seem to enjoy.

It is not that easy to control most conventional tires on different surfaces – especially wet ones, however, the case is different with Kenda.

The handling is always perfect irrespective of the range of tires, as they combine specialised compounds and designs for performance.

Additionally, not only will you enjoy a smooth ride on the highway but also move many miles without having to worry at all. This benefit is not limited to certain models of the brand’s tire but all.


It isn’t a strange news that Kenda tires are one of the most durable choices on the market currently, as they are made with some of the fiercest materials available.

The use of these materials is the best thing that could ever happen to bicycles, trucks, passenger vehicles, SUVs, etc. Ideally, it is what everyone is looking for in a tire.

At first, the price sells it off to be a cheap brand of tire with poor durability; however, that is not true. It is made of specific compounds that ensures it is strong, and suitable for the road.

That is why overcoming the harshest conditions – dry or wet surfaces, snow, mud, etc., has never been a problem.

Expected Treadwear

Every tire has an expected treadwear or mileage expectancy that determines how long it can cover before it finally needs a replacement. Kenda tires have several road benefits; one of them is an incredible mileage or miles expectancy.

On average, Kenda tires have 50,000 expected treadwear, which is almost as good enough for any journey. It is always one of the features to look forward to when buying a tire.

Tread Warranty

One more feature in addition to the control and affordable prices of Kenda tires is the tread design. There are tread patterns on every tire that provide traction for easy movement on the road. Thus, for a tire to perform well, the traction needs to be aggressive, while offering a good grip for a smooth, enjoyable ride.

On average, tread warranty lasts for 4 years before the next tire replacement.

Other benefits include good fuel efficiency, affordable price, wide range of tires, etc.

Kenda Tire Customer Reviews

In this Kenda tires review, it is important to mention what customers feel about the quality of the tires – positives and negatives. That way, you can decide whether to go for a model of Kenda tires or not.

Positive Experiences

  • In terms of performance, most people agree that Kenda tires are stable with great grip. These tires also have a responsive handling in comparison with brands like Lionhart and Ironman.
  • The fuel efficiency of these kenda tires is another incredible thing to behold due to the silica tread and tire design – not many top-rated tire brands do not do this much.
  • Kenda tires come in different models; each of them has features that ensure they are outstanding and good for the road, including a highway. These features, such as tread design make the range of tires suitable for any type of terrain.
  • Kenda tires are available at budget-friendly prices.
  • As a manufacturing company of vehicle accessories and equipment, it has factories all over the world, like China, Taiwan, etc. Therefore getting the tires isn’t difficult.

Negative Experiences

  • Kenda tires are reliable but not that responsive especially in performance driving on a highway.
  • The tires are perfect for the harshest terrain but not great under heavy rain. For safety reasons, it is not advisable to drive in one.

Are Kenda Car Tires Any Good?

If you are in search of bicycle tires, truck tires, or any passenger vehicle tires, you know where to go henceforth. Kenda tires take so much interest in providing tires with superior quality and features to ensure safety while riding across any terrain or during any season.

This brand  manufacturer also ensures that automobile owners can get tires within their budget; indeed, the tires are good.

Without further ado, give your vehicle the best it deserves, as you check through the category of tires available in this Kenda tires review. The company sure has a lot of other pieces of equipment you should see, as well.

Other Notable Kenda Tires

High-Performance All-Season

Kenda Vezda UHP A/S

Standard All-Season

Kenda Kenetica KR17

Touring All-Season

Kenda Vezda Touring A/S KR205

Light Truck / SUV /Crossover

Kenda Klever AT KR28

Kenda Klever LT A/P

Kenda Klever MT KR29

Kenda Klever R/T KR601

Kenda Klever A/T2


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