Sumic Tire Review – Well-Made, Durable, But Should You Buy?

No road is complex, and no journey is long with the right tires. Driving a vehicle can be your necessity or passion; either way, the budget can be a hurdle to their maintenance.

If you are looking for high-quality tires that will not break the bank, Sumic tires are the best yet cheapest choice.

But, but! Why should you trust Sumic with your beloved car? Well, to know what is best for your vehicle, read this Sumic tire review till the end because nothing beats a good drive!

Overview of the Sumic Tires- Drive your car the right way

Whenever you decide to buy a new tire, it is essential to look into the company’s history, even better, go for the customer reviews. Because bad tires can be harrowing to your car while on the road.

Serving for over a century now, Sumic Tires located in Indonesia is more of a subordinate, or should we call it a sub-brand of a Japanese company that has gained the trust of millions of satisfied customers; Sumitomo Tires a brand that serves high-end quality tires.

This company is famous for manufacturing a wide array of tires with different models to fit your vehicle’s needs; the latest the model, the better.

We have not even come to the best part yet Sumic tires already seem the right fit for your vehicle.

However, Sumic is the go-to place for many because its state-of-the-art tires offer an excellent value for money while being unbelievably cheaper yet better in quality than its competitors.

Sumic believes in being transparent with their product; hence here are some pros and cons that will paint a better picture of the tires.


  • High-end quality
  • Easy handling with responsive control
  • Adequate braking
  • Durable
  • Great cornering stability
  • Excellent traction on dry surfaces
  • Highly affordable


  • Inadequate winter/ wet surface traction
  • Too noisy at high speeds

Is this cheap tire any good? Things you should consider

Not every car enthusiast is a car expert, and that is okay; you do not have to be a walking car manual to show affection to your vehicle; you need to be careful and learn what your vehicle needs before buying things like tires.

You will get a gazillion options in the market, but how would you know which one is best and safe for your vehicle?

To help you out, Sumic Tires urges you to consider the following things to make the smart choice and let you know why they are excellent yet cheap at the same time.

  • Quality: With an experience of over 100 years, Sumic Tires has followed the steps of their parent company in manufacturing a wide range of great quality tires.
  • Handling: The vehicle must be under the driver’s control while on the road, with seamless braking, handling, and traction on all surfaces.
  • Range of models: Not everyone owns the exact vehicle or the same vehicle model, which is Sumic Tires strives to manufacture and cover any car from an SUV to a minivan.
  • Durability: Sumic Tires offers reasonable durability in terms of tread life with even treadwear.
  • Fuel-efficiency: Sumic Tires offer low-rolling resistance, with good fuel efficiency.
  • Budget-oriented: To not rip you off your pockets, Sumic Tires are relatively cheap than others.

Sumic’s Notable Tire Models

Life and cars are defined by the choices you make, hence make the good ones.

With a manufacturing plant based in Indonesia, Sumic Tires produces great quality tires for passenger vehicles such as minivans, coupes, and sedans.

They are there, up high and competitive with their most popular tire models, high in demand such as:

Sumic GTA All-Season Radial Tire

XL Sumic GT-A Tire
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You cannot trust anyone with your car, which is why a good research review is what keeps your vehicle’s tires rolling!

In this tech-savvy era, when things are super expensive, trusting a cheap brand can be difficult but not when Sumic Tires has launched the avant-garde GTA All-Season Radial tire, a budget-oriented solution to your tire problems.

Design features and benefits:

Selecting the right tires can make people edgy and perplexed. However, Sumic Tires believe in a seamless customer experience because there is no business without a happy customer.

Sumic Tire manufacture sizes ranging from 13 to17 inches with speed ratings of S, T, H, and V, making it a suitable choice for the old-school vehicles that drive on smaller-sized tires.

  • Quality: Sumic GTA Radial Tire offers great quality. Associated with its parent company that has won numerous awards for providing great service with advanced technology tires.

Sumic is now a trusted brand that manufactures tires for other branches of Sumitomo Tires such as Falken and Dunlop. Thus, quality and trust are never compromised.

  • Stability: Sumic GTA has a  4-Rib pattern that provides superior rides with a great cornering experience and improved stability.
  • Water-evacuation: The advanced, tech-savvy tread compound enhances water performance. The tread has a  circumferential center channel and extended lateral grooves that enable superior water evacuation with a reduced risk of hydroplaning.
  • Handling: Symmetrical tread design with tread block sipping provides greater ride comfort and reduces noise. High rigidity construction supports better speed handling with responsive control. The traction is a great dry surface, while a little questionable on wet and snowy surfaces.
  • Durability: With an improved all-season performance through sipes and lateral grooves, Sumic GTA has excellent durability.
  • Expected Treadwear: The symmetric design, sipes, and grooves of Sumic GTA Tires have slow yet even treadwear.
  • Tread warranty: 45000 miles tread warranty.

Keeping the price they are sold at, Sumic Tires offer quality that is too good to be true unless you experience it yourself.

Our customers complain that they have inadequate winter and wet weather traction, and the tires can be too loud. But this happens only at high speeds; when driving at slow speeds, these tires are as flawless as any expensive, high-end brand.

Sumic GTA Radial Tire is the best tire available in the market at such a low price.

Sumic customer reviews

Sumic Tires have been listed on the top 3 by expert reviews. However, we believe in portraying both the good and bad sides, so the relation with our customers is authentic, transparent, and trustworthy.

Positive experience with Sumic tires:

Tires are very durable for the weather and All Seasons. Great quality. I’m happy and satisfied that I went and got the tires from where I got them from. I love my tires. The tires are good on my car. Includes a lifetime warranty on the tires. I’m glad I bought the warranty. The warranty covers everything from replacement tires to getting a flat tire. Very satisfied with the tires. Good customer service. I left the tires as well as my new car. They look good on my new.

Deann of Akron, OH

Negative experience with Sumic tires:

I bought 4 brand new tires. Within 2 days, 2 of them were found to be defective. Within 2 weeks, the 3rd one was found to be defective. I have lost 4 days of work waiting for the replacements to be shipped to the installer.

Tammy of Harrison, MI

Our final thoughts on Sumic Tires

Right now is the best time to make a great choice for your tires!

Sumic Tires do not believe in one-time customer relations, and they want to build a life-long relationship based on trust and satisfaction. Hence, no matter the price, the quality will always be up to the mark.

Sumic understands your tire needs, and you must have learned through this thorough Sumic Tire Review, so the next time you go tire shopping, you know where to go!


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