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Every Tire Has A Story Behind It.
So Do We.

If you ever found yourself in search of a new set of tires it can feel a bit overwhelming. Among major tire brands (Goodyear, Michelin, Yokohama, Toyo, etc.) there can be so many choices to choose from. Factors like handling, noise, treadwear, and cost all play a factor in your decision.

You really have to do research if you want the best tire for your money. But it’s well worth it: We’re talking about the only thing connecting you to the earth while you’re traveling at high speeds.

That’s where we come in, compounding over 20 years of experience in the automotive world to craft reviews around everything tires. We take a real-world approach to cater content that provides readers with the highest grade of value.

Our Promise

TireForge.com is not compensated by any tire company for our reviews.

We write independent reviews that are based on honesty and unbiasedness. We will be talking about the negatives, just as much as we talk about the positives.

We will share our opinions and the facts on all the tires we talk about!

Our goal is to be the ultimate resource for tire reviews that are fully impartial and helpful! If you’ve got any questions or concerns, please message us below and let’s start a conversation!


Dean Alvarez


Hey There, my name is Dean and I’m part of the team at Tire Forge. Huge tire enthusiast, there is not one day I’m not thinking about cars.

I started getting into cars at a young age and although I’m not a technician, I do a lot of freelance work for others as well as myself.

In my 13+ years of driving, I have never ever owned a vehicle without equipping it with aftermarket tires and wheels. Some I’m well versed in the options out there.

Started a blog along with my older cousin Austin as a way to share my expertise with you. Hope you enjoy our blog.

Austin Alvarez


Hello, my name is Austin, but I also go by Aussie like the dog breed. First thing you need to know about me is I have a love for Ford cars that will never die.

Enjoy working on cars and worked in the automotive world in many capacities. One of my first jobs was with a family-owned auto shop, consulting customers on tires, auto services, batteries, and much more.

I’ve also had experience as an Assembly Technician for over 11 years and most recently helping my little cousin build up his auto freelancing gig over the weekends.

I was super excited when Dean asked me to be part of this and cannot wait to share my knowledge on Tire Forge.

Got a question for us? Let us know!

Let us know your thoughts on anything related to tires or TireForge. We are always open to hearing your feedback and will take into concerns your input!


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