Triangle Tire Review – What Makes Them Different

A mid-tier Chinese tire company- Triangle Tires started its tire production business in 1976 with five tire factories headquartered in Wei Hai City under the Shandong Province of China.

Since then, the company has steadily climbed the ladder and has become one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. 

In 2011, Triangle Tire opened a technical center in Akron, Ohio, and established its presence in the USA. This Triangle Tire review will explore what this brand has to offer.

Overview of Triangle Tires

Triangle Tires partnered with other Tire Giants in the USA to grow larger. Today, the company produces over 700 types of radial tires in more than 160 sizes Triangle produces over 700 kinds of radial tires in more than 160 sizes and manufactures nearly 400 types of bias tires in more than 100 sizes. 

The annual production of Triangle Tires exceeds 10 million units, including over 7 million in radials.

Out of all the tires, radial tires have been the backbone of the company since it produces a huge quantity in the form radial passenger car tires, radial light truck and truck tires, and radial OTR tires used for industrial, construction, and mining equipment. 

Triangle Tires Produces tires for many OEM brands and exports them to several countries.

It has expanded its facility in the US with a new $580 million tire factory in North Carolina to manufacture more tire designs and cater to a rapidly growing market. Triangle Tires then is a well-known name in the tire manufacturing business and produces some great tires.          

Things to consider before buying Triangle Tires:

There are several factors one needs to consider before buying Triangle Tires. It is important to first know the tire size of your vehicle, its load rating, speed rating, and most importantly, the tire type. This information can be obtained from the tire wall or the tire manual. 

Car companies choose their tires based on these parameters since they are in alignment with the speed, size, and purpose of the vehicle being sold. 

One needs to look for this information on the tire wall and cross-check the same with Triangle’s Tires’ products to know if they sell tires of the same specifications.

Another important point to consider is the tire type. One needs to be specific about the tire type they want i.e. if the tire is an all-terrain tire, a radial tire, all-season tire, performance tire, soft-compound/hard-compound tire, or tires that fetch great fuel efficiency. 

If all parameters to look out for in a tire match the tires being offered by Triangle Tires, then it would be worth considering them.

Notable Tires from Triangle Tires 

Triangle TR653

Triangle TR653
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This is a robust trailer radial with a dual belt construction for improved towing stability. The tread design is optimized for enhanced shock absorption and load-handling performance.

 Triangle TR968

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An ultra-high-performance tire built for high-speed performance and stability.

 Triangle TR643

TRIANGLE LRE 10 Ply TR643 Trailer
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Designed to ferry extra load, this special-purpose trailer tire improves highway handling of a vehicle with an attached trailer. 

Design features and benefits


Triangle tires have been in the market for a fairly long time and hence, they know how to make tires that handle well. However, one needs to select a tire that is placed at the top of the tire variants/ models.

Reviews for the less expensive tires in terms of handling have been satisfactory

While the tread design is perfectly designed on all tires for optimum performance, what also matters is the quality of the rubber and the type of compound used. While wet performance is a concern for many users, dry performance has been great for many owners who have been using Triangle tires on their vehicles.


Triangle Tires have been known to last long when they are used judiciously. While the life isn’t as long as the life of tires from expensive brands, the returns one gets from the money invested in these tires is quite substantial.

Radial tires and soft compound tires often wear quickly. But if they are subjected to tasks they’re not made for, like driving with them off-road or performing stunts, the life of those tires would surely take a further beating.

The tread offers a decent amount of support and is designed keeping in mind durability and performance. Most tires from Triangle have a good amount of protection on the sidewall, so any kind of scrape from the pavement or a sharp object would not harm the tire.

Expected Treadwear:

The treadwear on Triangle tires has been fairly good as numerous users have reported that the tires lasted long on their vehicle. A split layer compound has been used on many tire models that reduces rolling resistance by a significant amount and aids in increasing the life of the tires. 

Considering the price range at which these tires are offered, the rate of tread wear is fairly decent compared to other tires in the same price range.

What is more confidence-inspiring is that the company provides a four-year warranty against manufacturing defects or even through the life of the original tire tread until only 2/32 of the tread remains on the tire. 

Pros and Cons of Triangle Tires: 


  1. Triangle Tires are true value for money as they are well priced
  2. Triangle offers a wide variety of choice to users to select from 
  3. Four- year warranty from the brand is confidence-inspiring for new buyers
  4. Triangle is a quality-oriented brand and the company boasts of more than 360 patents that it owns
  5. Tires offer decent durability for the price they are offered at


  1. Triangle Tires are not as popular as other well-known brands like Michelin, Goodyear, etc
  2. Some reviews suggest that tire traction is poor under wet conditions
  3. Users have complained of road noise, especially those who frequent the highways
  4. Longevity is still a factor to be proved by many tire models from Triangle

Who are Triangle Tires meant for?

Triangle Tires are meant for people who love performance but are short of budget.

Some high-performance radial tires offered by Triangle are indeed excellent considering the level of performance, grip, and functionality offered by them against the price bracket they fall under. 

Performance tires for sports cars from popular brands are very expensive to afford and sometimes, maintain. Triangle offers them at the perfect price for new enthusiasts and beginners looking out to have some fun without breaking the bank. 

However, these tires are not for those who frequent the highways often since many of the tires are noisy. 

This drawback could annoy the driver on long drives and in certain instances, even cause one’s attention levels to drop. Triangle Tires are meant for people who are looking for long-lasting, economical, and durable tires for city commutes.

Why choose Triangle Tires?

Triangle Tires have made a significant impression in the tire industry with its huge investments, level of technology, and expertise. They have tire models available in various sizes for almost all purposes

Triangle Tires offer a great level of performance, durability, and value for money. Yes, there are drawbacks but if you’re the one who thinks that Triangle’s tires are meant for you, you must try them out and take advantage of the price benefit that waits down the road.

Triangle Tires

Snow Tires

Triangle TR797
Triangle TR737
Triangle TR787
Triangle PS01

SUV All Terrain

Triangle TR257
Triangle TR258
Triangle TR292


Triangle TR653
Triangle TR 967
Triangle TR968
Triangle TR918
Triangle TR643
Triangle TR928
Triangle TR286


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