Federal Tire Review – Overview of Its Quality, Handling & Performance

A Taiwanese tire manufacturing company- Federal Tires has been in the industry since 1954. The company has also manufactured tires for Bridgestone and Sumitomo under contractual agreements.

In this article, we will review Federal Tires, look at its notable models, and see if they should be your next set of wheels.  

Federal Tire Overview

Federal Tires are designed for almost every duty since they have excelled in this field for more than half a century. It caters to all sorts of vehicles with a primary focus on control, wet/ dry traction, safety, off-road expeditions, increased mileage, and durability.

Tires for commercial vehicles are built for grueling urban and highway use with increased fuel efficiency. 

With its collaboration with two of the tire industry’s giants, it has proved Federal’s credibility and the quality of its tires.

Federal Tires produces tires for passenger vehicles of all types- be it sedans, minivans, SUVs, or CUV’s. It also makes tires for the commercial truck and bus industry. 

Not only does Federal Tires manufacture high-quality tires, but it also develops tires by investing in tire technology and distributing its products to 121 countries. 

There are some things to consider before buying a Federal Tire. Most importantly, one needs to know the purpose the tires are going to be used for and secondly, the budget. 

It is also important for one to know the size of the tire and the tread pattern, this would help in identifying the availability of the tire model with Federal Tires. 

Firstly, a fixed budget would help someone choose the right brand. Brands like Bridgestone, Michelin usually sell their tires at a premium price

A higher budget would make it possible to buy a high-quality tire from these manufacturers. 

If one’s budget is slightly limited, they could choose a high-quality tire from Federal Tires.

It is important to know the size and tread patterns of the vehicle. An error in these parameters would lead to multiple problems concerning the handling and drivability of the vehicle. 

Speaking of purpose, an off-road vehicle frequently being used on rough terrain must be fitted with Federal Tires meant to be driven on such terrain. 

Soft compound low profile tires from Federal Tires suit a sports car best. 

Most Notable Federal Tire Models 

Federal SS-595 All-Season Radial Tire

Federal SS-595 All-Season Radial Tire
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 This ultra-high-performance tire with a motorsport heritage is the most popular tire from Federal’s lineup. 

Offering its users excellent traction on the corners and straights, the SS-595 offers great value for money for budding motorsports enthusiasts and amateur racers looking for a start in motorsports.

Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Tire

Federal Couragia M/T | Off Road/Mud Terrain Tire
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 The Couragia M/T is a popular off-road tire from Federal and works well on slippery terrain. 

For the price it is offered at, the Couragia M/T does a great job on mud, large rocks, and snow. This is a great tire to consider if one is looking for maximum off-road capability for a minimum budget. 

Federal Couragia M/T Performance Radial Tire 

Federal Couragia M/T Performance Radial Tire
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The Couragia Performance Radial Tire is aimed at owners of SUVs and large trucks who want to squeeze out that extra bit of handling and performance from their vehicles. 

These tires provide tremendous cornering grip at high speeds and increase steering response. 

Federal Tires- Design Features and benefits


 Federal Tires have a long history of manufacturing tires and due to this legacy that they have created, the brand has a reputation to maintain and is obliged to provide its customers with quality tires that perform their roles without a glitch.

Federal Tires offer safe tires that handle well, provide a decent tread life, and offer a great price benefit to their customers.


 Federal Tires do an excellent job in the handling department as a lot of their tires are made for motorsport enthusiasts.

Tires made for high-performance vehicles are optimized for grip and excellent handling characteristics. They also offer shorter braking distances and don’t budge in wet conditions, especially when one considers the price at which they’re offered by Federal.  

The company’s tread design incorporates the use of deep grooves that provide greater control of the vehicle during rain and snow. The tire’s highly rigid internal structure allows consistent stability during high-speed cornering.


Many users have voiced their opinions about Federal tires and their long life.

Federal knows this formula well since they manufacture tires for competitive drifting that requires tires to last long even despite undergoing a high rate of wear and tear at extremely high temperatures. 

Federal has gone a step further with this formula for the consumer market. It designs sturdy tires made from the perfect blend of a rubber compound infused with Silica-gel that aids in decreasing the rate of tread deterioration and increases overall tire life. 

Grip & Traction

Federal Tires are specifically manufactured to improve traction and handling. A vehicle’s performance can be greatly enhanced by improving on each of these tire traits.

In addition, improved handling in winter tires improves the amount of traction offered, thereby ensuring that the drivers are safe and in control of the vehicle. Federal tires display high stability and a sure-footed grip due to the wide treads coupled with sturdy sidewalls.

Wide Variations

 Federal Tires offer tires suited to specific terrains and purposes. But even those tires come with enough flexibility and could be mildly used beyond their comfort zones.

From track-specific motorsport tires to tires that could tread on rough, wet, and snowy terrain. The tires are suited for almost any condition one can imagine.

Whatever purpose they’re built for, they do an excellent job of it. 

Pros & Cons 


 As mentioned earlier, one may find several advantages of using Federal Tires. They offer excellent value for the money a user pays. For that amount, the performance offered by the tires exceeds their monetary value. 

The tires offer a great package of grip, traction, high-speed handling, and durability. These are a great option for anyone looking out for a reasonable alternative to expensive tires offered by premium brands. 


Federal Tires come with a few disadvantages as well. Federal does not provide any official treadwear warranty on its tires, a major drawback that is not confidence-inspiring for new buyers. 

The brand, on the other hand, leaves it to the discretion of its dealers to handle customer grievances. Tires from other brands having a similar price range are offered with a manufacturer treadwear warranty. 

 Another point that needs to be highlighted is that all vehicles, especially those involved in motorsports need to have engaging tires. 

The tires need to be communicative for the driver to have a feeling of their behavior and grip. 

For tires to be ultra-high performance-based, they need to offer a good feel of the road as this improves driver confidence at high speeds. 

Customer Reviews

Most reviews online suggest positive points about Federal Tires. Below are some points that people have mentioned in their reviews of Federal Tires:

  1. Satisfying dry traction ability
  2. Impressive steering response
  3. Gripping and corner stability are high-class
  4. High-performance tires across the range
  5. One of the most affordable selections in the market
  6. Available in a wide range of sizes
  7. Quick handling and steering response
  8. Excellent dry and wet traction
  9. Offers H, V, W, and Y-speed rating

Positive reviews from customers:

 1) “great tires for the price.”

2) “So far, so good. There is nothing negative to say at this point. The tires seem to be holding up well. I’ll be returning soon to have the same tires installed on the rear for two reasons. 

First, the tires were a very good value but mostly because of the treatment I received as a customer.

I’ve already recommended Mavis Tire to people I know with the confidence that they will be treated as well as I’ve been.”

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the use of Federal Tires. We are listing down the common points that users did not like about the tires: 

  1. Needs enhancement on its braking capacity especially around wet pavements
  2. Emits a little noise
  3. Tread life needs improvement
  4. Nothing that stands out

Final Thoughts

While Federal Tires are not the first ones to come to a person’s mind when speaking of performance tires yet, they provide most of what premium manufacturers offer for a much higher price. 

Federal offers a wide array of selections for its users to choose from, and most importantly, almost all their tires tick the boxes in terms of durability, handling, safety, traction, and pricing.

Federal Tires

Summer High Performance

Federal 595 Evo

Federal Formoza FD2 

Federal SS535


Federal Glacier GC01

Federal Himalaya ICEO

Federal Himalaya WS2 


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